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My year of taking a picture every day is done. Overall I think I did alright. I only ended up with 225 pictures instead of 365, but considering I had a baby and moved three times in that year, I’m okay with that. I picked my ten favorites. Since I took a lot of pictures of the kids, they’re divided into two sets: my favorite 5 kid photos, and my favorite 5 other photos. They’re in chronological order. I hope.


End of the Trail Statue


Summer Peach


Budapest Chain Bridge


Winter Activities - Colored Pencil Shavings


Salzburg Christmas Market Ornaments



Avery's Cowboy Hat


We Love The Beach!


Blessing Day




Happy Girls


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For anyone that’s interested, as a New Year’s resolution I decided I wanted to get better at taking pictures. Mostly I stumbled upon an idea on the blog Winos and Foodies called Project 365 and thought it was a neat idea. The project is just that you take a picture everyday and post it somewhere, preferably where other people can see it and with some kind of caption explaining it.

I’ve missed three days so far, and my pictures are kind of pathetic some days, but it’s been kind of fun. So, if you’re interested, here’s the link to my Picture of the Day Picasa album (it’s also on our blog roll), and if you’re not interested I hate you forever :) Just kidding. I’m almost as afraid someone will look at it as I am that no one will, so if you’re not interested, bless you. If you are, bless you as well.

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