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Culture Shock

It’s true what they say about Montana’s skies. They are big. The clouds go on so far you almost feel yourself tipping with them over the horizon and they float in a nearly perfect blue most days. The sky here is beautiful and comforting and somehow foreign.
I look at the stretching skies of this state of Montana that is my home, and yet so isn’t and feel my soul divided between all the places I call home. Somehow I feel myself walking among epic European apartment buildings above tiny European shops while buying fruit at the fabulous orchard stand in Utah Valley and driving through the scrubby trees of the plains of Eastern Texas all at the same time, and I wonder with more than a little melancholy where I belong. And this is what month three of culture shock looks like. Gloriously, I am home. Ungloriously it is a home where I’ve never lived before, and I’m lonely. And I feel like my life is a Montana sky. Beautiful, comforting, and somehow foreign.


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