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Happy Birthday to our big 4 year old! We had a little family party with Grandma and Grandpa about a week and a half before Avery’s Birthday, but since I’d been telling her we’d let her have some friends over for her Birthday this year, we had a little party for her on her actual Birthday too.

Avery found this game on Sesame Street where you do a little dinosaur excavation. She loves it, so we based her Birthday party on that game. First we colored pictures of pteranadons. Mostly this was just to give everyone something to do while everyone got here.

Then we all headed outside. I found a pteranodon skeleton model kit at a toy store and a cool recipe for sand clay online. Pretty much the whole idea for this party comes from this website. We made sand clay and covered the bones in the clay and let it dry overnight. Avery helped with this part. It was fun. Then we laid out a sheet on the ground outside, dumped the rest of the 25 kilo (55 pounds or so) bag that was our only weight option for sand (many thanks to Rachel F. for letting us haul it home in her car so we didn’t have to figure out to get it all the way back on a tram) and buried the bones in the sand. Everyone dug out a couple “fossils” and pulled the sand clay off them to reveal the bones.

And then everyone helped put them together to make a dinosaur!

And then we went inside and had cupcakes. Avery helped make those too. She picked out the haribo gummies she wanted on top at the store and she helped put sprinkles and gummies on top of the cupcakes. Evelyn helped too, but she’s not a very sanitary helper. I’m pretty sure she licked her fingers before and after every cupcake she touched. We saved her additions for after the party.

|And then presents!

She had a pretty good day! Happy Birthday little Avery!


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Happy Birthday to little Evelyn! We decided to go to the zoo again this year for Evelyn’s Birthday, so she kind of got two days worth of Birthday. Monday we went to the zoo and Tuesday we had cake and presents.

The zoo was a complete hit for both kids. Evelyn was much more excited about it this year, but she did fall asleep in the stroller again. That was good though, since we spent about 7 hours there and she needed a nap in the middle.

Evelyn was our navigator. She works best when the map is upside down. 


The leopard was one of her favorites. She asked to go back and see it at the end.

The zoo here has a goat petting cage and this time of year they have lots of little baby goats. Ivan even found one with it’s umbilical cord still attached!

Evelyn had mixed feelings about the goats. She liked them and declared one or two of them “mine baby goat!” but anytime they got too close she got nervous. And nibbling Mommy’s and Daddy’s fingers was right out. One of them got my finger in it’s mouth and she made little panicky noises and yanked at my hand until I pulled it out saying “hurt you, hurt you” and then pulled my hand up to her mouth to kiss my fingers better.

Tuesday we had cake and presents. I let Evelyn pick some Haribo candies to put on the cake and she and Avery helped put them on.

It’s nothing fancy, but the kids loved it. Avery wants gummy bears on her Birthday cake.

We had macaroni and cheese and hot dogs for dinner. I wasn’t sure Ivan was going to survive Evelyn’s favorite foods, but he ate a small bowl and then scrounged for some leftovers.

Then singing and presents. Evelyn managed to blow out both her candles this year. Such a big girl! She was funny opening her presents. Of course, Avery had to help, and it took about two presents before Evelyn realized what was happening. After that, though, she was all focus!


Last night Ivan put Evelyn to bed and it took her a while to fall asleep. Just before she finally conked out we heard her little voice from her room singing “Happy Birthday to you!” I think it was a good day.

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Avery had a Birthday today and she was pretty excited about it. It wasn’t super fancy, but here’s how it went.

We put up a few balloons and she colored a piece of paper that we made into a hat. She thought that was pretty cool and played with it off and on all day. We found a cute little outfit that she hadn’t worn yet to be her Birthday clothes for the day.

We had two of her favorite foods – mac and cheese and hot dogs for lunch and then took a nap (yay!). I’ve been telling her for two days that we would take her to Burger King for her Birthday, so when at six o’clock this evening it was raining cats and dogs we all threw on jackets and huddled (all four of us) under our two umbrellas and got soaked walking the couple blocks to Burger King. It was packed because it’s at the metro stop and everyone was hanging out there to get out of the rain, but we managed to find a seat and 2 seconds after sitting down Avery had ketchup on her new shirt. Obviously it was a successful dinner. Luckily the rain had let up quite a bit by the time we had to walk home.

First she opened a card from Ivan’s family, and pointed out and named all the animals on it with Daddy.

A card from Grandma and Grandpa A., Sinikka and Ezra

We had chocolate cake and sang “Happy Birthday.” She picked at her cake (what is it with my kids and not eating Birthday cake?) and then we moved on to presents. She got a crown, a fairy wings and wand set, a book (Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day) and a toy stroller for her dolly. We had a hard time convincing her to leave it all behind and go to bed.

We made her take her shirt off for the chocolate cake

I'm a fairy!

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Avery – 3 years

Avery turned 3 today! She’s a very social creature. Even after spending an entire day at a friend’s house she still complains if we have to leave. She loves nursery and playgroup. Sometimes she creates her own friends. Even if there are real ones nearby. We were at the store with her friend yesterday and she suddenly got very sad and told me she had left her Abby and Rosita at home. I told her we would see them later and she could play with Stephanie right now and she seemed okay with that.

Abby and Rosita are from Sesame street and they go lots of places with Avery. When we walk to the store Avery has to hold onto the stroller when we cross the street and one day she would only hold on with her pinky. I unclasped her hand to see what she had in it that she didn’t want to drop by holding onto the stroller and there was nothing there and she fussed at me for making her drop Abby’s hand. It’s really funny to watch her talk to them while we’re on walks. “Come on Abby, come on Rosita” she says.

Lately Avery has been into boats. We went on a river cruise on the Danube last week and she’s been talking about it ever since. It was a night cruise so she liked the “dark water.” She’s been drawing boats with people in them and pointing out the dark water all around.

She also likes to make her own songs, stringing her own words and stories up with bits and pieces of songs she knows from movies or iTunes.

Funny things she says:

“My rone” This means “my own” but because I always say “your own” she things that the r at the end of your goes with own. So she thinks it’s “my rone” as in, “I have my rone lunch!”

“mines” Every thing is yours or mines, but usually mines.

“Thatswise” I think it means “That way” as in “You should trade. That way you can each have a toy.” But she uses it ALL the time and it’s a little more general. It’s like a combination of “That way” and “That’s why” if that makes any sense.

Oh yeah, and here’s a funny story from this month. We went to Austria this month to visit a friend. In Austria they speak German, which is not English, and Avery is in this stage where she thinks any language other than English is just people putting sounds together and magically understanding them. So we’re ordering dinner at a restaurant in Austria and our friend and I are doing our best to do it in German. The waiter looks at Ivan and he says something, he looks at our friend Mark and he orders in German, he looks at me and I order in German, pause, random string of sounds from Avery’s corner of the table. She, of course, thinks that she has ordered in German.

She also makes up words for other languages (including sign language). We ask her what butterfly is in Hungarian and she strings a few consonants together and throws a vowel in and she figures she’s speaking Hungarian. Occasionally she’ll ask me what something is in sign language and if I don’t know she moves her arms around in waving motions and informs me that that is the sign for whatever it is she’s asked.

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Evelyn’s 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday little Evelyn! My picky little eater wouldn’t really eat the cake. I had to shove a little bit in her mouth and then she thought it was alright to nibble, but not really to eat. She had a blast spreading frosting all over, but we drew the line when she decided to start throwing the cake over the side of the high chair onto the floor. At that point it was off to the bathtub!

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Happy Birthday little Evelyn! Evelyn is my happy baby. She loves to smile and coo. She does her fair share of fussing, but it’s so easy to get her to smile that sometimes she’ll smile in the middle of crying. It’s the cutest thing ever. She’s a very social baby. She LOVES being talked to, and played with. Sometimes when she’s crying all you have to do is go make eye contact with her and she’s a happy little thing for a while. She’s also gotten a lot calmer the last month or so as far as fussing goes. She’s typically pretty happy unless she needs something now (yay!).

Evelyn’s beginning to be okay with sleeping flat. For the longest time she wouldn’t sleep longer than an hour or two if she was horizontal. She’s been sleeping in her bouncy chair, which is inclined, for probably two months now. She’s getting a little harder to put to bed (it might be jetlag) but a lot of the time I can hold her and bounce her and the lie down with her and let her rest on the bed once she’s asleep while I go do something else.

Because it’s so warm here right now and we don’t have air conditioning, Evelyn has tended to go naked since we moved. She still likes to sleep wrapped up, so especially when she’s sleeping I try to have as little clothing under her blanket as possible. As it is, she still wakes up all sweaty sometimes. It’s okay, though. It’s cute sweat.

Jetlag has been kind of rough for Evelyn. Last night was the first night she really slept the way she did in Texas. It’s been four days, I guess. She seems to be adjusting though. She slept five hours last night and then another two and two after that before she woke up. She’s a pretty good little sleeper. I feel pretty blessed that way.

Evelyn has discovered her hands the last couple weeks and started reaching for mobile toys and things. It’s hilarious to watch her catch her hands in her gaze and then watch them as they move around. So fascinating! She’s still pretty jerky with them, but she manages to hit toys hung above her head sometimes and the other day she accidentally hit herself in the face while she was trying to control her little fists.

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2 whole years!

We’re a little late, but Avery turned 2 June 1st! She LOVED her Birthday. We had a joint party for her and my sister. Avery’s Birthday is the 1st and my sister’s is the 2nd. We had the party May 31st. Go figure. We actually did it so that my Dad could be there.

We had a cake with 12 candles on one side and 2 on the other. Avery liked blowing out the candles so much, we had to light a candle and let her blow it out about 8 more times. She actually blew out all her candles, too. I was pretty proud of her. We managed to distract her from blowing out candles by giving her a piece of cake. My mom made a jello cake and she got pretty excited about the cool whip on top.

Then we opened presents. She was hilarious. She would get one open and immediately say “a o one?” (other one). At one point she unwrapped a ball and actually threw it over the side of her high chair in her hurry to get the next present.

Sometime in the middle of the unwrapping frenzy my brother started cheering her on. Nathan started yelling “tear! rip! bite!” as she opened the presents and sure enough, this is what she did:

It was pretty hilarious. She had a blast, and now anytime anyone mentions a Birthday her eyes light up. Luckily she gets almost as much of a kick out of other people’s Birthdays as her own. She had a pretty good time at Aunt Clair’s party and Uncle Nathan’s Birthday celebration was yesterday and she was so excited she even wanted to get out of the pool!

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