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Camera troubles

So our camera is somewhere in Istanbul. My mom and dad borrowed it on one of their trips while they were here and it never came back from Istanbul. Therefore, we have no pictures for you and may not for a little while. Mom and Dad say they’re going to buy me a fancy new camera and I’m really excited because it’s going to be a digital SLR camera, which I kind of always dreamed a little bit of having but never really thought it would be an option until we at least had a much better income (out of grad school and out of Europe). But since things tend to get stolen in the mail here, we have to wait for a sibling visit or something so it can be delivered a little more securely. Thus it may be a couple months.

Ivan’s Ipod takes pictures but they’re not very good so we’re trying to decide if it’s worth investing in a really cheap point and shoot for the interim, but so far I haven’t been able to convince Ivan :) All electronics are about half again as expensive here as in the US, so the cheapest point and shoot I’ve seen is $80 or $90. I haven’t actually gone into the store, yet though, so maybe they have cheaper ones than in the adds. Anyway, long story short, no camera for a little bit means no pictures for a while. Sorry.


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These made me happy yesterday.I know they’re likely to die next week when the weather returns to freezing and Winter takes back January, but they’re lovely none the less. So I took a picture with Evelyn too.

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I don’t like nursing. There. I said it. Now’s the part where you think very negative, and extremely un-nurturing things about me. I know nursing is supposed to be a wonderful bonding experience. That it’s a time for mom and baby, and excuse to sit down, all that. But mostly, for me, it’s uncomfortable, inconvenient, awkward and occasionally painful. My introduction to nursing happened 2 years and 3 months ago and it was one of the most miserable experiences of my life. I didn’t cry in labor. I didn’t cry when we moved across the ocean, when my grandparents died, or even when I broke my arm when I was 9. I cried when I was nursing Avery. I also have negative psychological responses to nursing that were worse with Evelyn than with Avery. So, I know a lot of people love nursing. I know a lot of people wish desperately that they could nurse and I really feel for those people too. I’m glad I can nurse. But I don’t like nursing.

What does this have to do with pants you ask. Well, there are a few things about nursing I do like, and one of my favorites is what nursing does to my waist. I went to put on the pair of pants I bought before we left Utah because they fit me so perfectly, and they’re too big. With both of my kids I’ve lost all my pregnancy weight and an additional pant size in the six months or so after giving birth. Before I had Avery I was somewhere between a size 14 and 16 and now my 12 s are too big. So I guess I’ll keep nursing, mostly because it’s good for my babies and because it’s waaaaay cheaper, but also for the perks.

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John Jones

John Jones was a friend in our BYU student ward. He died after being trapped while diving in the Nutty Putty caves in Utah the day before Thanksgiving. John and his wife Emily were very kind and happy people and my heart goes out to Emily, who is pregnant, and their 14 month old daughter Lizzie. I sincerely hope she is able to find comfort. We were unable to attend the memorial, but Melissa wrote a beautiful summary of it on her blog at http://melroyrichardson.blogspot.com/2009/11/comforted.html.

Also, there is an auction to benefit Emily and her family at adailyscoop.blogspot.com

Memories or financial donations can be given at http://www.johnjonesmemorial.com/forum

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