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Avery is learning about family relationships. She’s figuring out that her Grandma is my Mom and that Daddy and I are married. Because of this she often refers to us by these relationships. When she’s talking to me Evelyn is “my sister” or “your daughter” and they together are “your daughters.” She tells me “Look! Your daughters are sleeping!” instead of “Look! We’re sleeping!” She does it with Ivan and me as well. She asks me “Are we going to see your husband?” instead of “Are we going to see Daddy?” We’ve gotten some interesting looks from friends we’ve been with when she says in church “Look! Your daughters are holding hands!” She also pronounces “daughters” very distinctly like “Dot-ters” which only adds to the silliness.

Avery would rather be anywhere than home. She asks me everyday “Where are we going?” She’s in heaven the days we go to playgroup and then go home with a friend to play for a couple hours and if we don’t leave the house she gets cranky. She’s quite the social butterfly.

Things she says:

Hot E gos – Taquitos

Hatshi cakes – H√°ztart√°sikeks

Bekfrist – Breakfast

Mushtile – Mustache

On Wednesday she wanted to pet a kitty, but the kitty ran away so Ivan said “Here, pet me. I’ll be a kitty.” She said “No! You’re not a kitty! You’re nothing!”

I stretched out a towel so it would lay flat on a towel today and Ivan said “Woah! Mommy just man-handles it!” Avery’s response was a little angry: “Mom’s not a man! She’s a lady!” Apparently I lady-handle towels.


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Happy Birthday little Evelyn! Evelyn is my happy baby. She loves to smile and coo. She does her fair share of fussing, but it’s so easy to get her to smile that sometimes she’ll smile in the middle of crying. It’s the cutest thing ever. She’s a very social baby. She LOVES being talked to, and played with. Sometimes when she’s crying all you have to do is go make eye contact with her and she’s a happy little thing for a while. She’s also gotten a lot calmer the last month or so as far as fussing goes. She’s typically pretty happy unless she needs something now (yay!).

Evelyn’s beginning to be okay with sleeping flat. For the longest time she wouldn’t sleep longer than an hour or two if she was horizontal. She’s been sleeping in her bouncy chair, which is inclined, for probably two months now. She’s getting a little harder to put to bed (it might be jetlag) but a lot of the time I can hold her and bounce her and the lie down with her and let her rest on the bed once she’s asleep while I go do something else.

Because it’s so warm here right now and we don’t have air conditioning, Evelyn has tended to go naked since we moved. She still likes to sleep wrapped up, so especially when she’s sleeping I try to have as little clothing under her blanket as possible. As it is, she still wakes up all sweaty sometimes. It’s okay, though. It’s cute sweat.

Jetlag has been kind of rough for Evelyn. Last night was the first night she really slept the way she did in Texas. It’s been four days, I guess. She seems to be adjusting though. She slept five hours last night and then another two and two after that before she woke up. She’s a pretty good little sleeper. I feel pretty blessed that way.

Evelyn has discovered her hands the last couple weeks and started reaching for mobile toys and things. It’s hilarious to watch her catch her hands in her gaze and then watch them as they move around. So fascinating! She’s still pretty jerky with them, but she manages to hit toys hung above her head sometimes and the other day she accidentally hit herself in the face while she was trying to control her little fists.

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