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Since Rachel has done most of the recent posts, I thought I would take some time and fill everyone in on some recent happenings.

Last week we went to the Millennium underground museum where we learned about the building and operation of the first underground on the European continent. It’s the metro we ride to go just about anywhere, and the museum is conveniently located in the Déak tér metro station, but for some reason we hadn’t been. It costs as much as one metro ride, in fact it uses the same tickets! It was built in 1896 for the 1000 year anniversary of the Magyar invasion and named after Franz Joseph the emperor of Austria, apostolic king of Hungary, etc.

The communist era apartment section of the exhibit including a speeding double decker tram, and a moving red bus in the back.

While there, I saw an advertisement for a Model train exhibition put on by a local model train club. So today we packed up and went to Saint Lesley’s square. The church there is beautiful with the kind tiled roof I have come to love. In the exhibition there were 3 train sets. First, a Lego town with a couple trains and second a smaller set run by some kids. That was Avery’s favorite because there was a church with some people getting married inside.

The last and best was a 30 meter long H0 scale set with at least 10 trains (not all running at once), 4 trams, 1 trolley bus and a delivery truck plus numerous non-moving vehicles. I watched the DHL truck (with trailer) make it halfway across the tram tracks before the tram plowed into it. Both fell over and many H0 scale lives were lost.

A small portion of the exhibit including a double decker train. The darker red RailJet is a common train for us to take. In the background you can also see a tow truck hauling a broken down bus.

The best part though was just outside the main exhibition—toy trains for the kids: Duplo trains, wooden trains, and of course Thomas the tank engine.

On the way back we stopped at the Miksa Roth stained glass museum. The kids had about had it at that point so we were lucky it wasn’t too large.

In other news, the kids made their first sand castle, Rachel replaced the purse she’s had since our honeymoon in Guatemala and we ate Kakastöke Pörkölt. This last was not as good as I had hoped given what it’s made of—I actually found it a bit bland. While eating it I assumed that they must have been ground and made into little “sausages” because they were over an inch long. Looking online, however, I see they must have been the real thing. Rocky Mountain Oysters, here I come!

Avery and Evelyn intent on constructing their towers.

Avery and Evelyn hard at work on their towers. The yogurt bucket in the foreground was the mold.


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Evelyn – 23 months

Evelyn is almost two. She will have a Birthday in a couple weeks and she has no idea what is about to hit her.  It seems like two is the first Birthday that they really can get excited about and get an idea about what is going on, so I’m excited to see how Evelyn reacts to cake and presents.

Evelyn is my little echo. A lot of the time she repeats what I say. It doesn’t matter who I’m talking to or what I’m talking about she’ll say as many words as she can catch and repeat in what I say. She usually gets the two most important words in each sentence, but sometimes she’ll say more. She’s starting to put phrases together. Today I asked her if she had a stinky diaper and she said “change it. Daddy” because Daddy had just changed her diaper.

She likes to pretend to be a baby lately too. I can’t tell for sure if she’s pretending or just copying Avery. She started making baby noises when I got her out of the bath about a month ago because Avery always makes little baby noises when I wrap her up in a towel and take her in the other room. Now she makes baby noises at other times too. Today I found her in her bed wrapping herself up in a blanket saying “baby” and making baby noises, so I think that counts as pretending.

Evelyn threw her first all out tantrum today. She’d thrown some good fits, but this was the first one that was biting, scratching, and I couldn’t get her to calm down for anything. She’s been pretty tired lately because her naps have tended to take place in strollers the last week and she’s refused to go to bed before 9 or so or stay asleep past 6:30. So I held her on my lap and held her arms and legs while she thrashed until she decided she was done and then we went and read a book. Terrible twos, here we come!

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Avery wants only to play with friends lately. She loves going to her friends’ houses and the other day she cried when we had to go home. I’m currently taking a Hungarian class in the mornings, and she’s been spending the morning at friends’ houses playing. She’s been pretty happy about it.

Avery likes to make up her own songs. She sings the tunes from things she hears and makes up words. My favorite recent composition went to the tune on a signing time video we used to get at the library in Texas. The words she sang were “In my heeeeaaart I have eyeballs. And they’re yeeeeeelllow.” I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff.

I got Avery a preschool workbook while we were in Texas to give her something to do while we’re here. It’s one of those Counting, Letters, Matching books and I was hoping it would give us something to do on rainy days and during the Winter over the next year. She asks to do it everyday. I think it might last until next month, but maybe not. She went through the science section in one day. We’re struggling a little with the numbers, though. Once we got to 9 and 10 we started having some problems. She can count that high but she can’t keep track of what she’s counted and what she hasn’t anymore.

It’s fun to watch Avery grow. She recently had a growth spurt and she’s in a mix of size 4T and 5T clothes. She’s becoming a kid instead of a toddler/baby. She walks like a little kid and moves like a little kid instead of like a toddler. She’s almost four, so this shouldn’t be surprising, but it was anyway. It’s fun to watch her enter the preschool age.

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Evelyn – 22 months

This is picture is how I seem to always see Evelyn: a blur. She is everywhere and never sits still.

Little Evelyn is growing. She’s nearly out of her 18 month clothes and we left most of them at Grandma’s when we came back to Budapest. She’s still in the left over 18 month clothes we have here for another few weeks until the weather gets warm enough to pull out the Spring and Summer 2T clothes, but her little belly sure is bulging in her just barely big enough onesies.

Speaking of bellies, Evelyn’s has had an eventful month. I swear around a month ago she lost her little belly to a growth spurt. I looked at her one day and thought to myself, “Where did her pot belly go?” She all of a sudden slimmed down and grew up I guess. But never fear, she went through a week or so of nonstop eating a little bit ago and the belly is definitely back. Along with some chubby cheeks. Even my Hungarian friend here mentioned she looked chubbier.

Our biggest struggle with this girl is still food. She ate a couple pieces of cauliflower today and I nearly fell off my chair I was so surprised. And the only reason she ate them was because she saw Avery open her mouth big and wide and stick a piece in and then we clapped for her. She’ll do anything Avery does. Pretty much.

She is definitely getting more strong willed, though, and our days of cute, obedient and entertaining toddler are quickly morphing into “Here is how my world works, deal or I tantrum” two year old. Today we had a full on fit over water. I’m not exactly sure what her problem was, but she didn’t want the sippy cup and when I poured water into a regular cup she said “Mommy drink it.” Then she would be mad again. I think maybe she wanted my cup? But I never did figure it out for sure.

Evelyn is getting really good with language. She can usually communicate to me what she wants and if she can’t I just take her hand and let her show me what she wants. She put four words together today, which might be a record. I think she did it once last week as well. Today she said “Avy egg hut too.” Which I think meant “Avery’s leg hurts too.” She had just told me that her leg hurt and I guess she wanted Avery to share her experience. It’s a little sad to see her baby words go as she learns to say things properly. One word I was particularly sad to see leave was “yayo” for “water”. She now says “wa – oh.” I thought “yayo” was so cute. She also said “applesauce” right the other day, but I told her she had to keep saying “asso soss” and she corrected herself so it was okay.

Evelyn has three three-syllable words that she uses and I think they’re hilarious because they’re the same word but with different consonants thrown in. They are “applesauce, racquetball, and pinecone.” Oh, and she said “Africa” once too, but only once. “Applesauce” is “assuh soss.”  Racquetball is “abbuh ba.” And “pinecone” is “accuh cone.”  “Africa was… you guessed it “accuh cuh.” He favorite was “abbuh ball.” She would find my brother’s racquetball racket and run around with it saying “abbuh ba. hit!”

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We saw the doctor twice between the surgery and coming back to Budapest and both times she said Avery’s eyes look really good. It was really amazing the day after the surgery to see her little eyes looking in the same direction and following each other as she moved and looked at things. It was almost like magic. I guess I hadn’t realized how out of sync her eyes had been before. She had also had a patch on most of the day for about a month prior to the surgery so part of it was probably just seeing both her eyes at the same time, but it was really marvelous.

Anyway, at the first checkup the doctor told us that her eyes were doing really well, but we would need to patch her right eye some of the day so that her brain would learn to use her left eye, but that her eyes needed to learn to work together, too, so we should patch all day like we had been doing. She said 4 to 6 hours should be good. Avery was pretty excited to only have to wear a patch for part of the day and we did that for about a month before we had our second follow up visit.

At the second visit, the doctor said she still looked really good and we could move it back even more to just 2 to 4 hours per day and that she should be fine with that, although we would probably have to continue patching until she was five or six to get her left eye working as well as it could. She said to follow up with our opthalmologist here in Budapest in four months, which will be right around the first of July and to come see her in a year when we get back or if we’re ever in town again.  We also got Avery a cute cloth patch with flowers on it that can go on her glasses so we don’t have to keep buying the adhesive kind.

We really liked our doctor there, and if anyone in the Plano/Dallas area needs a pediatric opthalmologist, we were really happy with Dr. Dao. I even took Evelyn in to have her eyes checked to make sure her eyes weren’t really different the way Avery’s were. Since we couldn’t tell until Avery was nearly 3, and if you catch her problem early it’s much easier to fix, I figured it would be a good idea to get Evelyn in. Dr. Dao says her eyes are fine. Whew!

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