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Happy Birthday to little Evelyn! We decided to go to the zoo again this year for Evelyn’s Birthday, so she kind of got two days worth of Birthday. Monday we went to the zoo and Tuesday we had cake and presents.

The zoo was a complete hit for both kids. Evelyn was much more excited about it this year, but she did fall asleep in the stroller again. That was good though, since we spent about 7 hours there and she needed a nap in the middle.

Evelyn was our navigator. She works best when the map is upside down. 


The leopard was one of her favorites. She asked to go back and see it at the end.

The zoo here has a goat petting cage and this time of year they have lots of little baby goats. Ivan even found one with it’s umbilical cord still attached!

Evelyn had mixed feelings about the goats. She liked them and declared one or two of them “mine baby goat!” but anytime they got too close she got nervous. And nibbling Mommy’s and Daddy’s fingers was right out. One of them got my finger in it’s mouth and she made little panicky noises and yanked at my hand until I pulled it out saying “hurt you, hurt you” and then pulled my hand up to her mouth to kiss my fingers better.

Tuesday we had cake and presents. I let Evelyn pick some Haribo candies to put on the cake and she and Avery helped put them on.

It’s nothing fancy, but the kids loved it. Avery wants gummy bears on her Birthday cake.

We had macaroni and cheese and hot dogs for dinner. I wasn’t sure Ivan was going to survive Evelyn’s favorite foods, but he ate a small bowl and then scrounged for some leftovers.

Then singing and presents. Evelyn managed to blow out both her candles this year. Such a big girl! She was funny opening her presents. Of course, Avery had to help, and it took about two presents before Evelyn realized what was happening. After that, though, she was all focus!


Last night Ivan put Evelyn to bed and it took her a while to fall asleep. Just before she finally conked out we heard her little voice from her room singing “Happy Birthday to you!” I think it was a good day.


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