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malta-polarIvan’s rebellious streak is in full swing lately and his favorite rebellious habit is drinking pseudo-beer, more specifically, “non-alcoholic malt beverage.” He tried alcohol free beer once and nearly spewed it all back out all over Olive Garden, so he sticks with the imported malt beverages now. We finally decided (after a double blind taste test and complete with silly blindfolds and much switching between sips and sippers) that he likes Malta Polar the best because of its nuttier flavor. Oh wait, no, it was because it was the cheapest. In the end he couldn’t even tell the difference between the three we had. I could tell the difference between two of them, but I don’t like pseudo-beer, so that was rather irrelevant, except that it shows that I have better taste.

So, I sat down on the couch last night to watch “Get Smart” and Ivan plopped down next to me with a sigh and his “8 fluid ounces of pseudo-rebellion.”


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