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Evelyn – 22 months

This is picture is how I seem to always see Evelyn: a blur. She is everywhere and never sits still.

Little Evelyn is growing. She’s nearly out of her 18 month clothes and we left most of them at Grandma’s when we came back to Budapest. She’s still in the left over 18 month clothes we have here for another few weeks until the weather gets warm enough to pull out the Spring and Summer 2T clothes, but her little belly sure is bulging in her just barely big enough onesies.

Speaking of bellies, Evelyn’s has had an eventful month. I swear around a month ago she lost her little belly to a growth spurt. I looked at her one day and thought to myself, “Where did her pot belly go?” She all of a sudden slimmed down and grew up I guess. But never fear, she went through a week or so of nonstop eating a little bit ago and the belly is definitely back. Along with some chubby cheeks. Even my Hungarian friend here mentioned she looked chubbier.

Our biggest struggle with this girl is still food. She ate a couple pieces of cauliflower today and I nearly fell off my chair I was so surprised. And the only reason she ate them was because she saw Avery open her mouth big and wide and stick a piece in and then we clapped for her. She’ll do anything Avery does. Pretty much.

She is definitely getting more strong willed, though, and our days of cute, obedient and entertaining toddler are quickly morphing into “Here is how my world works, deal or I tantrum” two year old. Today we had a full on fit over water. I’m not exactly sure what her problem was, but she didn’t want the sippy cup and when I poured water into a regular cup she said “Mommy drink it.” Then she would be mad again. I think maybe she wanted my cup? But I never did figure it out for sure.

Evelyn is getting really good with language. She can usually communicate to me what she wants and if she can’t I just take her hand and let her show me what she wants. She put four words together today, which might be a record. I think she did it once last week as well. Today she said “Avy egg hut too.” Which I think meant “Avery’s leg hurts too.” She had just told me that her leg hurt and I guess she wanted Avery to share her experience. It’s a little sad to see her baby words go as she learns to say things properly. One word I was particularly sad to see leave was “yayo” for “water”. She now says “wa – oh.” I thought “yayo” was so cute. She also said “applesauce” right the other day, but I told her she had to keep saying “asso soss” and she corrected herself so it was okay.

Evelyn has three three-syllable words that she uses and I think they’re hilarious because they’re the same word but with different consonants thrown in. They are “applesauce, racquetball, and pinecone.” Oh, and she said “Africa” once too, but only once. “Applesauce” is “assuh soss.”  Racquetball is “abbuh ba.” And “pinecone” is “accuh cone.”  “Africa was… you guessed it “accuh cuh.” He favorite was “abbuh ball.” She would find my brother’s racquetball racket and run around with it saying “abbuh ba. hit!”


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Growing, Growing

Avery’s new favorite word is “bean.” Easter is to blame for this new development as it was the cause of the introduction of jellybeans into Avery’s little world. She also learned “candy” which she used to call “nanu,” but now comes out “nany.” Interestingly, all Easter candy is “nany” while the old stand-by candies she still calls “nanu.” Easter is also to blame for the cute little dress which we took off and put on all day so she wouldn’t get waffle or ham all over it.

She’s becoming quite the little talker. She’s started stringing multiple words together to make sentences. The other day she said “Momma, bite, nanna?” which meant “Momma’s bite of banana?” About a week ago she was sitting on Grandma’s lap and patting Grandma’s tummy. Grandma said “There’s no baby in there, sorry.” To which Avery replied “uh-oh…” and then put her hands up in the air and said “Wha happen?” It was pretty funny.

She has a bunch of games that she likes and they all have names. “Cake” means patty cake, which she adores, especially the part where you say “B” in “mark it with ‘B'” which she squeals at the top of her lungs most of the time. If she says “name” it means she wants to spell her name… I say the letters and she repeats them. She really likes that game and we’ve moved on to spelling mommy and daddy recently too.  She also really likes story time at the library. She was pretty hesitant at first, but after 3 or 4 trips she’s pretty happy about it. She really likes the “turn around” song and asked to sing it at home today, which was a first. She’s still also very fond of her bellybutton and you can hear her all over the house saying “button!” when she rediscovers it for the 5th or 6th time that day.

Her favorite things are going on car rides and walks in the “loller” (stroller). We usually stop at the playground on walks too, so that helps. There’s an awesome playground down the road from us that’s just her size. Everything is about three feet off the ground so the slides are short enough that she can go down there by herself and there’s two little baby swings. She loves it there and I love that I don’t have to help her around everything. Way to go Parks and Rec.

She’s also got names for everyone in my family. It took her a while to get my brothers down but here are the names we have. The exception would be Nathan. I haven’t heard a name for Nathan, yet, but she was only ever around him for a couple weeks, so maybe when he comes home this Spring that will change. Here are all our names: Mamma, Bapa, Ninnen, Nani, Jenum, and Cair. She’s funny, she knows whose shoes and clothes belong to whom, so while I’m doing laundry she says the name of the person who owns the particular article of clothing I’m folding. It’s pretty impressive how much of it she remembers.

We’re having an adjustment period of some kind when it comes to sleeping. She doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore like she did last month (Two little teeth poking out one day finally explained that particularly fun period of time.) but she won’t go to bed at night and I’ve had to let her cry herself to sleep a lot recently. Then she’s exhausted in the mornings and falls asleep in her high chair at lunch. My bed is getting a little messy with all the sandwich crumbs she tracks in there as I transfer her from highchair to bed. It’s pretty cute, though, and it’s easier than our usual naptime routine.

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