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Avery – 32 Months

I got a pair of boots from a friend of ours that is moving soon and Avery wore them all day. They’re huge on her and have a bit of a heel, but she played ballerina in them anyway, complete with leaps and jumps. She didn’t injure herself in any way and actually fell down a lot less than I probably would have, so I was pretty proud of her.

Avery loves all things ballerina. She pretends to put on her “so pretty” ballerina shoes and makes her daddy play the “ballerina song” for her on repeat. Somehow Antonín Dvořák’s “Slavonic Dance 1” became the ballerina song and if you play anything else when she asks she’ll let you know that it’s not the ballerina song. I don’t know how I ended up with such a girly girl. I was always (still am) a tomboy and I’m a little nervous about this one when she hits teen and beyond age.

Other than the “ballerina song,” Avery really likes music in general. Ivan has a playlist set up for her in iTunes that she really likes and listens to nearly everyday. The list has mostly primary songs in Spanish (we don’t have the English versions), They Might Be Giants, Pomplamoose (look them up on youtube, they’re kind of fun) and some veggie tales. Her most recent favorites are “The Bloodmobile” (TMBG), “Barbara Manitee” (Veggie Tales), and the “sevens” song (I don’t know it’s real name, but it’s TMBG). And of course the “ballerina song” which had to be added recently.

The last week or two Avery has begun to notice and pay attention to emotional cues in other people. She’s begun asking me a lot if I’m happy and notices when I’m upset or angry. It’s kind of funny because when I’m mad she’ll ask me if I’m happy, which mostly just makes me frustrated. What are you supposed to say to a two year old that asks you if you’re happy when you’re fuming? I want to say “No! Go to your room!” but obviously that’s not very educational (or mature, I suppose). But it’s kind of cute to watch her awareness of others develop.

She’s also very into togetherness lately. She likes to include everyone in her plans. Today we went to playgroup and she said “I go to play group! And Mommy go to playgroup and Evelyn go to playgroup and Daddy go to playgroup!” with this very proud look on her face. She does the same thing when we all need coats. “I need my coat. And Evelyn needs her coat and you need your coat and Daddy needs his coat!” And she points at each of us as she says it. She likes to sit both her and Evelyn on my lap because then she acts like a baby and says “You have two babies!” We found both the girls matching pajamas recently and Avery was excited to have the same pajamas as Evelyn. So excited that she stuck her matchbox car in her mouth just like Evelyn was doing so that they would totally match.

Oh yeah, Avery has also in the last couple days finally conceded that Daddy is a boy. This is a big step. Daddy has been a girl for a long time. She’s still a little unsure though, and asks Daddy plenty of times a day “Are you a boy or a girl?” and always follows up his answer with “I’m a girl!” Today I asked her “Is Daddy a girl or a boy?” She said “Daddy’s a boy.” Pause. “Daddy’s a girl!” Pause. “Ask me again Daddy girl or boy.” Me: “Is Daddy a girl or a boy?” Avery: “Daddy’s a girl!” We’re working on it.


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The Princess and the Orange

We have a babysitting group with a couple families in our ward. We each take turns babysitting each other’s kids. We went to another family’s house to babysit a couple weeks ago and they had these adorable dress up dresses. Avery and the two other little girls her age all dressed up and ran around the house for a couple hours. Of course she wasn’t a princess, she was a “banareena” (ballerina for anyone that doesn’t speak the language…).

My Dad used to play a game with all of us kids when we were little. He’s say “open your mouth and close your eyes and I’ll give you a nice surprise!” and we’d have to open our mouths and close our eyes to get a treat. I remember him yelling it as he came up the stairs occasionally at bedtime. So we had some mandarin oranges and I used the rhyme on Avery and this is what Ivan and I saw:

Way to go Ivan for getting that on (digital) film. The even funnier part was that a minute later she decided it was her turn to give the treat, so she said “Open your mouth and close your eyes!” I did. And so did she as she tried to stick and orange slice in my mouth. She missed by about 3 feet.

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