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Evelyn – 29 months

Note: I wrote this October 3rd and then shelved it for “a couple days” so I could find a picture. Sorry, here it is a month late and still without a picture.


Evelyn has been a remarkably easy toddler. She is just now beginning to just ignore things I tell her to do and this last month or so she’s started screeching any time she doesn’t get what she wants or if Avery does something she doesn’t like. Other than that she’s really been a calm kid. She goes along with Avery’s pretend games and likes to be the baby or the mom – whichever Avery doesn’t feel like being at the time. She’s pretty good at sharing. She occasionally throws tantrums, but not all that often.

Evelyn has had an interesting development on the potty training front this month. She is potty trained during the day and refuses to go pee in a diaper. The other day Ivan had her and Avery at the playground and she needed to go to the bathroom, so Ivan put a diaper on her and told her to go in the diaper and they would just take it off and throw it away. She danced around, but would not pee in the diaper. She had no trouble peeing behind a bush, however. Strange kid.

The interesting development though, is that she also won’t pee in a diaper at night. She wakes up around 1:00 in the morning and wakes us all up because she has to go potty. It was kind of hilarious the first few times she did it, especially because she always goes into the bathroom and then comes back out to ask for permission to take her diaper off. Then she goes back in, takes the diaper off and goes to the bathroom. After a few nights, though it wasn’t so funny anymore. Luckily if we keep her from drinking anything after dinner or so she usually doesn’t have a problem and can wait until morning to go to the bathroom.

This has actually put us in a bit of a quandary because Evelyn has been dry at night now for almost a month and I would like to put her to bed in underpants. Avery, however has been a little slower in this area and still wets her diaper every night. Avery really wants to be able to go to bed in her underpants, but every time we try it she wets the bed. So, we’ve held off on putting Evelyn to bed without a diaper, because we don’t want to put too much pressure on Avery. I’m really not all that sure how to handle this, because I really don’t think Avery can control it – she’s a really deep sleeper. But I would like Avery to learn, so maybe seeing Evelyn get to go to bed in underpants would be motivation. Who knows?

Anyway, Evelyn really likes to pretend. She loves to pretend to be a baby. She’s also really good at cleaning up after herself. She’s had a bit of separation anxiety lately. She’s cried the last two weeks in nursery and I’ve had to stay with her for half an hour or so to get her distracted enough to leave.

Evelyn is almost big enough to walk places without the stroller. We went to playgroup today and she walked to the tram stop, from the tram stop to church, and then from the church to the bus stop after playgroup all by herself. I was pretty proud of her. If she’s tired at all or cranky though, we end up carrying her a lot, so we still haul the stroller around a lot. It’s also convenient for on-the-go naps and carrying groceries, so we won’t be giving up the stroller for a while.

Evelyn still copies Avery a lot. Her latest mimic is to copy Avery singing primary songs from church in Hungarian. She can sing half of “Stand for the Right” in Hungarian. It’s really cute to hear. She has no idea what it means (nor does Avery for that matter) but it’s almost understandable in Hungarian. She also likes to say thank you and “2” in Hungarian. She hold up her two fingers to all the Hungarian grandmas on the trams and says “kettÅ‘!”


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Avery – 29 months

Avery has a new friend. And not just any friend, he’s an imaginary friend. And not just any imaginary friend, he’s a dragon. Dragon appeared one day when we came home from somewhere and closed the door to our apartment. I can’t remember if we had to let dragon come in too, or if we had to close the door really fast so that dragon couldn’t come in and get us, but somehow dragon became friendly and now makes appearances now and again.

The other day I wanted Avery to go do something and she asked if her dragon could come. I said “sure” and that started a whole story about dragon.

“Dragon come with me?”


“My dragon fine. He’s not roarin’.”

“That’s good.”

“My dragon in my hand.” (Shows me her hand)

“Oh, yeah?”


By the end I had forgotten what I wanted her to do, which was probably her intent all along. Clever little stinker.

We went to Vienna last weekend to meet a friend from Utah. On Thursday I told Avery we were going to Vienna. A couple minutes later she asked “Go to Vennia’s house?” She loved Vienna and asks every other day or so when we’re going to go again to “Vennia’s house.” And we haven’t even taken her to the Butterfly Garden there yet.

In everyday news, Avery loves to sing. We go to a group that some international moms do every week called rhyme time and we sing little rhymes like “The Grand Old Duke of York” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” It’s really fun and Avery loves it. We do some that I did when I was little and some I’m learning new, but Avery sings them all week long. Her current favorites are “Wind the Bobbin” and “Sleeping Bunnies,” although “Roly Poly” and “Five Little Cookies” aren’t far behind. We sing outside, we sing (quietly) on public transportation, we sing at home… anywhere is a place to sing.

We also started learning sign language a little bit this month. That’s been really fun. A friend told me about Baby Signing Time at signingtime.com and I checked it out a couple weeks ago. There’s a set of sample videos you can watch on the website and Avery loved them. So we looked on youtube and found some more. We’ve learned lots of signs: cook, Happy Birthday, more, Happy Halloween, girl, boy, and probably 20 or 30 others. I’d really like to buy the DVDs, but we’d never get them here and they’re $23 each (there are almost 20 of them I think). There’s a combination pack for $700! Maybe when we’re old and rich. But we’ve had a really good time and maybe I’ll find some more resources somewhere else.

Avery’s a cuddly little thing, which is really nice. She comes and lies in bed with us every morning for at least a few minutes and sometimes we all fall back to sleep for an hour or so. She comes and asks for kisses when she’s hurt or sad and sometimes even when she’s being punished. Sometimes she can be quite forceful about it, demanding a kiss when she’s had her cheek flicked for misbehaving. She loves to sit on my lap and I think she’s figured out that Evelyn gets to sit on my lap when she cries because sometimes when Evelyn is crying Avery will start crying hoping to get lap time instead of Evelyn. Sometimes they have to share my lap, which doesn’t seem to bother either of them much, as long as they can keep their hands to themselves. Avery likes to touch Evelyn and Evelyn has gotten good enough with her hands that she can grab things and loves to pull Avery’s hair.

So, she grows and grows,

When she’ll stop nobody knows,

She has tantrums and fits and her toddlerhood shows,

But we like her, so we’ll keep her I suppose.

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