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Avery would spend all day every day at her friends’ houses. We went to her little friend Aiden’s house and spent all day there one day this week and she still whined when we had to go home! She is really hard to keep entertained, but if we’re at someone’s house she’s happy as can be.

Avery is growing growing growing. Her 3T clothes are all too short and have mostly been put away. Her 4T clothes mostly fit, but I’m a little afraid they may be too small soon, because we have some 5T clothes and even 6T clothes that fit her fairly well. It’s so funny because until this Winter she always lagged a little behind the ages on the clothing tags, but now she’s ahead of them all!

Avery is learning to read. She knows most of her letters, although she still gets them confused sometimes. We started sounding out 3 letter words about two weeks ago and she mostly got frustrated. We tried again a couple days ago though, and she did pretty well. Yesterday we read lip, hit, pot and a few other similar 3 letter words. She wanted to read the word “CTR ring” so we had a little discussion about the “ing” combination, but I’m pretty sure she wasn’t really following.

Avery just got some scissors and she likes to practice cutting. She also really likes to paint and we put some cups of water with food coloring in them in the bathtub and let her play with those for a while this week and she thought that was great too. She’s been really interested in what colors mix to make what colors, so she thought it was cool that she could mix red and yellow water and get orange water. Of course, most of the time was spent with brownish black water dumping it between cups and buckets and bathtub, but she and Evelyn spent probably a half an hour happily playing with no fights, and we call that success.

She likes to make up stories and songs. The other day at bedtime she suddenly burst into tears. Ivan asked “What’s wrong?” and she said, “My cousins who live in Africa just died.” She told me a couple days later that they were alive again, so I guess all’s well that ends well?

We’ve been working a little bit on differentiating between pretend and real lately. I started saying “for pretend” when we would pretend so we could tell all our worlds apart, but this had an interesting side-effect.

About 3 months ago Avery got all excited because her friend Stephanie was going to have a baby brother soon and she started telling me that she was going to have a baby brother too. When she couldn’t convince me that I had a baby brother in my tummy like Stephanie’s mommy did, she started making up her own babies in her tummy. Pretty soon she was branching out and for a while she had not a baby brother, but a baby dog, cat and horse in her tummy.

She told us all the time that her stomach hurt and she thought the baby horse was biting the inside of her tummy and in the beginning she and Ivan would pretend to hear the baby cat meowing. It got fairly elaborate. Anyway, when we started differentiating between pretend and real life, I would say “that’s just for pretend,” or “let’s pretend…” and mostly she either agreed or went along with it, with the exception of her baby dog, cat and/or horse in her tummy. “They’re not pretend” she said. “Yeah, they’re pretend.” I said. “No they’re not! There’s really a baby horse in there!” We talked about it a couple times and she was pretty adamant about it, but after the second time or so, she slowly quit talking about her babies in her tummy. I haven’t heard about them in a couple weeks or so. It’s a little sad, but I thought it was a little hilarious that the one thing she was really set on being real wasn’t any of her exciting princess stories, or anything like that, but her baby dog, cat and horse.


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Evelyn – 26 months

Again, sorry no picture this month. Evelyn’s speech is really improving lately. She has started saying more and more complex sentences. Tonight at bedtime she said “Avery sing lullaby to me and Avery too!” She’s also started stuttering, which I find really strange. About a week ago she suddenly started saying the beginnings of all her words 3 or 4 times every once in a while and now half her sentences begin 6 or 7 times. Avery did this too for a little while, so I don’t think it’s a problem, but it sure can be frustrating sitting there for 10 seconds while she gets going!

We found Strawberry Shortcake on youtube not too long ago and Avery started saying things smell like strawberry shortcake. Now everything smells like strawberry shortcake to Evelyn. She says “smells … stobbyshotecake!” She also still says “gesso” and I think my favorite time that it comes up is after she’s had a complete meltdown of some sort (she’s doing more of those lately too) and finally we get her calmed down a little and ask her if she wants dinner or something and she says between post-sob gasps for air, “yah, gesso.”

Evelyn loves the pool! We had our first swimming experience this month with some friends and Evelyn loved it. It was some of the hardest crying I’ve seen from her in a while when we had to get out. She wasn’t interested in the floaties and only wanted in if I would hold her, but when I held her and twirled her around in circles in the water she giggled and giggled. I think she’s going to love her Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

She also likes kiddie pools and fountains. It’s been really hot here the last few weeks, so we’ve done a lot of water activities. There’s a fountain downtown in Budapest that’s ground level so it’s easy to play in. It’s just a square of jets that shoot up into the air and it’s all flat with the ground so you can run through it. When it senses weight near it, sections stop shooting water, so you can actually walk through it dry, but the kids aren’t heavy enough to register most of the time, so they can play in the water too. It took Evelyn a little bit of time to trust the giant water walls, but after a while she had a good time.

Right now Evelyn loves to wear dresses and do anything Avery wants to do. Her favorite food is any kind of fruit. She goes crazy for fruit. She really likes baths and bubbles and nursery at church.  She loves to paint too. She’s wearing size 2T clothes, but a lot of the pants are still too long for her. She’s kind of a little Hungarian girl. She loves sour cream and túró rúdi (the favorite Hungarian treat) and cucumbers.

Evelyn has always been a good little helper. She gets diapers for me and she’s really good at cleaning up her toys. Probably better than Avery actually. She and Avery help me with the laundry and they both like to set the table. Sometimes we have creative table art with bowls and cups when they help.

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Camera troubles

So our camera is somewhere in Istanbul. My mom and dad borrowed it on one of their trips while they were here and it never came back from Istanbul. Therefore, we have no pictures for you and may not for a little while. Mom and Dad say they’re going to buy me a fancy new camera and I’m really excited because it’s going to be a digital SLR camera, which I kind of always dreamed a little bit of having but never really thought it would be an option until we at least had a much better income (out of grad school and out of Europe). But since things tend to get stolen in the mail here, we have to wait for a sibling visit or something so it can be delivered a little more securely. Thus it may be a couple months.

Ivan’s Ipod takes pictures but they’re not very good so we’re trying to decide if it’s worth investing in a really cheap point and shoot for the interim, but so far I haven’t been able to convince Ivan :) All electronics are about half again as expensive here as in the US, so the cheapest point and shoot I’ve seen is $80 or $90. I haven’t actually gone into the store, yet though, so maybe they have cheaper ones than in the adds. Anyway, long story short, no camera for a little bit means no pictures for a while. Sorry.

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