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My grandpa arranged for us to see a doctor in LA while we were there to get a second opinion on Avery’s eyes. I’m glad he did because the doctor there told us that her prescription was too strong and should only be +7 in the left eye and should be +2 in the right. He also said that she should be wearing a patch all day every day and that she might have to have surgery on that eye and to find a doctor to see when we got back to Texas.

It's not real clear, but her left eye turns in.

So we found a doctor here and were lucky to be able to be seen quickly. Unfortunately the doctor said that her eye wasn’t correcting well enough, even with the patch and that surgery would be best to weaken the muscle toward the inside of her eye that was pulling that eye toward her nose.

To make a long story short, her left eye has very poor vision and her eyes are crossed. That meant that her brain had to kind of pick an eye to see out of and it picked her right eye because it saw so much better. This meant that her brain grew seeing mostly out of her right eye and doesn’t use her left much at all. The patching forced her to use the left eye.


So we did the surgery on Wednesday and it all went fine. I talked to her about what was going to happen and she was all excited about it by the time we had finished talking about it, but she wasn’t very happy about it once we got to the hospital and she was in a strange place.

"I don't like the hostible"

They gave her some medicine to make her sleepy and then took her to another room for the rest of the anesthetic and the surgery. It took a little less than an hour. They weakened the muscles that were pulling her eye in and up so she wouldn’t have to work so hard to keep it straight.

The rest of that day she slept and pretty much refused to open her eyes.

The next day she was much happier and said her eye hurt some, but seemed fine. The third day her eye got really puffy and the white of her eye was swelling up. The doctor said that that was probably a tissue reaction, but could also be a reaction to the antibiotic eye drops, or the beginnings of an infection, so she switched eyedrops for us and gave us an oral antibiotic to start. By the next day her eye was still a little red, but not swollen anymore and she was feeling a lot better.

The glasses and the surgery will make her left eye see as well as her right physically, but the doctor says that we will still have to patch her eye at least a few hours a day for several years to teach her brain to see out of that eye again. Right now her vision is 20/70 she says, but it was probably much, much worse before we started patching and most kids will get down to normal, 20/25 or 20/30.

I think probably she’s right about the eye being much much worse before patching. It’s been interesting to watch how she uses that eye more and more and gets better with it. When she first started she had to consciously do everything and she got her eyes up to within 2 inches of anything she had to see in detail. I think she ran into a wall or two as well. Of course it didn’t help that her prescription in her glasses was off I suppose. 

So far, though, the surgery seems like it’s been really successful. Her eye hasn’t crossed once since the surgery. Two or three times I’ve noticed it looks like her eyes maybe aren’t quite focused on the same point, but before the surgery her eye would go right to her nose as soon as she could use her right eye. And especially when she was tired it seemed like her eyes were out of sync more often than they were in. We see the doctor again on Tuesday, so we’ll see what she says.


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Avery’s first glasses

Avery’s glasses finally came in today, after 3 weeks due in part to a labor problem at the lens factory in Germany. You can see that her left eye is much worse (+9.5) than her right (+1.5).
Avery's glasses showing how much thicker the left lens is

She’s very happy with them. After all they are purple and that’s her favorite color. It’s a little weird seeing one eye so much larger than the other, so I hope it will improve with time. It seems like there should be something they could do, and maybe there was and I just didn’t know how to ask for it in Hungarian.Avery and her glasses from the front

Here she is dancing with joy.Avery dancing with her glasses on

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We took Avery to the eye doctor today. Finally. We took her in because her left eye kept turning in toward her nose, especially when she was tired. It’s been happening for about 6 months now. The good news is that her right eye sees just fine. The bad news is that her left eye is so bad it’s almost useless to her apparently, and it was bad enough that they couldn’t get a prescription for it today and we will have to go in again after dilating her eye four nights in a row so they can check it again.

I made something of a tactical error in this whole thing. I was trying to prep Avery a little bit this week and this morning by telling her what was going to happen: that they were going to check her eyes and look in them and maybe use a machine to see how her eyes were and that at the end we might need to get her some glasses. She didn’t say a whole lot about it all except that she did make it clear that she would want little glasses. Not big ones. She did fine in the appointment, but when we walked out of the office without any glasses she got kind of upset. “Mommy, I want to get glasses. I want small pink ones.” We spent a half an hour or so this morning explaining that she would get glasses, but not until we go see the doctor again, which unfortunately won’t be for another month because that was when their next opening was.

So, with that news out of the way, I would like to tell you about the Nemzeti Vágta or National Trot. There’s a large memorial near where we live called Hősök Tere, or Heroes’ Square in English and last weekend they blocked off the road that goes around it, poured down more trucks worth that I thought would fit on the tiny Budapest roads of sand, and had horse races around it. We saw about three races. There was a service activity that weekend, so we had to hit it kind of fast at the end of the day, but it was really fun. My favorite part (although it’s a little sad) was the second race I saw, where one of the riders fell of his horse in the middle of the race. I was watching and there went a horse and jockey, and then a horse with an empty saddle rushing past. But the best part is that the horse just kept going. He did another lap or two (I saw him go past riderless twice) and I think he finished second or third in the race!

Ivan got his fix of Kürtőskalács and they even had a flavor he hadn’t tried: cranberry. Avery has asked to go see the horses nearly every day this week, so I think it was a hit all around.

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The other day we were playing outside and the older lady that lives downstairs was outside raking leaves and grass. She bent over for something and Avery looked over at her and said “Ladies really do have bums!” Sometimes it’s REALLY a blessing to live in a place where most people don’t speak your language. I think that is still topped by the time she looked at a bearded homeless looking man on the tram and asked if he was Jesus. That was last Summer.

Avery loves to dress up. A friend of hers, Amy, lent her a white dress up dress a couple weeks ago and she’s referred to it as her “wedding dress” every since. She’s very into weddings. She says “When I get older, I can have my wedding!” I think this was begun by the movie Monsters vs. Aliens, which begins with a wedding and may have been brought back to her attention by our recent acquisition of Shrek 2, which also begins with wedding scenes.

She likes being a princess as well, and sometimes refers to her friends as her princesses. She asks when she will see her “princess Stephanie” and if her “princess Amy” will be at church. There’s been a recent addition of a little girl names “Princess Kenna” as well. All this dress up and girl-ness is a little baffling to me I’ve gotta say. I was always a tomboy and remember being sooooo bored with Barbies. But she hasn’t gotten totally into the princes yet, so I’m trying to stay calm.

Her favorite things right now are her friends, getting out of the house, going to see the fountain, peaches, berries, macaroni cheese (as she calls it), hot dogs, movies, and she says her favorite color is dark purple. (I’m pretty sure she stole her favorite color from Princess Stephanie, but she’s stuck with it, so maybe she really likes it.)

Avery has a lazy eye. We started noticing it a few months ago and the doctor commented on it when I took Evelyn in at 14 months and said we needed to get it looked at . Unfortunately, you can’t just take a child to an optometrists office in Hungary, you have to find an ophthalmologist if a child needs glasses. So we found one that didn’t speak English, but had an optometrist that could translate for us, made an appointment for a day when both would be working at the same time and took her in. Unfortunately, for a lazy eye you have to have a special pediatric specialist of some sort, so the doctor gave us two numbers to try. I’ve been trying the one for a week now and finally got an appointment for September 21st. So, after several months, we may actually get this worked out. I hope so, because I really don’t want the poor kid to see double her whole life or anything like that. The ophthalmologist said she would probably need glasses and treatment for the one eye that wanders. Sigh. It makes me sad to think of her cute little face with glasses.

So that’s our little Avery for the last several weeks. I had a list of funny things she says but can’t find it, so I’ll have to come up with another one I guess for next month.

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