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Evelyn – 29 months

Note: I wrote this October 3rd and then shelved it for “a couple days” so I could find a picture. Sorry, here it is a month late and still without a picture.


Evelyn has been a remarkably easy toddler. She is just now beginning to just ignore things I tell her to do and this last month or so she’s started screeching any time she doesn’t get what she wants or if Avery does something she doesn’t like. Other than that she’s really been a calm kid. She goes along with Avery’s pretend games and likes to be the baby or the mom – whichever Avery doesn’t feel like being at the time. She’s pretty good at sharing. She occasionally throws tantrums, but not all that often.

Evelyn has had an interesting development on the potty training front this month. She is potty trained during the day and refuses to go pee in a diaper. The other day Ivan had her and Avery at the playground and she needed to go to the bathroom, so Ivan put a diaper on her and told her to go in the diaper and they would just take it off and throw it away. She danced around, but would not pee in the diaper. She had no trouble peeing behind a bush, however. Strange kid.

The interesting development though, is that she also won’t pee in a diaper at night. She wakes up around 1:00 in the morning and wakes us all up because she has to go potty. It was kind of hilarious the first few times she did it, especially because she always goes into the bathroom and then comes back out to ask for permission to take her diaper off. Then she goes back in, takes the diaper off and goes to the bathroom. After a few nights, though it wasn’t so funny anymore. Luckily if we keep her from drinking anything after dinner or so she usually doesn’t have a problem and can wait until morning to go to the bathroom.

This has actually put us in a bit of a quandary because Evelyn has been dry at night now for almost a month and I would like to put her to bed in underpants. Avery, however has been a little slower in this area and still wets her diaper every night. Avery really wants to be able to go to bed in her underpants, but every time we try it she wets the bed. So, we’ve held off on putting Evelyn to bed without a diaper, because we don’t want to put too much pressure on Avery. I’m really not all that sure how to handle this, because I really don’t think Avery can control it – she’s a really deep sleeper. But I would like Avery to learn, so maybe seeing Evelyn get to go to bed in underpants would be motivation. Who knows?

Anyway, Evelyn really likes to pretend. She loves to pretend to be a baby. She’s also really good at cleaning up after herself. She’s had a bit of separation anxiety lately. She’s cried the last two weeks in nursery and I’ve had to stay with her for half an hour or so to get her distracted enough to leave.

Evelyn is almost big enough to walk places without the stroller. We went to playgroup today and she walked to the tram stop, from the tram stop to church, and then from the church to the bus stop after playgroup all by herself. I was pretty proud of her. If she’s tired at all or cranky though, we end up carrying her a lot, so we still haul the stroller around a lot. It’s also convenient for on-the-go naps and carrying groceries, so we won’t be giving up the stroller for a while.

Evelyn still copies Avery a lot. Her latest mimic is to copy Avery singing primary songs from church in Hungarian. She can sing half of “Stand for the Right” in Hungarian. It’s really cute to hear. She has no idea what it means (nor does Avery for that matter) but it’s almost understandable in Hungarian. She also likes to say thank you and “2” in Hungarian. She hold up her two fingers to all the Hungarian grandmas on the trams and says “kettő!”


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Evelyn – 28 months

It’s been pretty busy around here! It’s gonna be kind of quick, but here’s a little bit about Evelyn lately.

Evelyn LOVES buttons right now. We actually had to take her to the hall in church a couple weeks ago because she was getting very upset that Daddy wouldn’t let her unbutton his shirt during sacrament meeting. Her uncle Nelson just got here today and within hours of arriving Evelyn was doing and undoing his buttons for him. Luckily he was quite drowsy due to jetlag and didn’t really care. She’s pretty good with them. Unless they’re really tiny or in some awkward place (like on her back) she can get them done and undone. She has a button up dress that I’ve pretty much just put away, because she doesn’t remained clothed if I let her wear it.

Evelyn also loves Kiki’s Delivery Service, which if you don’t know, is a movie. She asks for it every time I let her and Avery watch a movie and Avery is getting quite tired of it. She calls it Kiki’s wivvy suvice. It’s cute.

Evelyn is also getting to be rather social. Today we were at a friend’s house and there was another 2 year old there. I found them both down in the garage and Evelyn was explaining to the other little girl “That’s not mine car. That’s your car.” Actually it was neither of their car, but I thought it was a funny little conversation to have with a friend. She really likes to play pretend with Avery too. We recently moved them into the same bed together and now most mornings they sit in bed and tell each other stories or play games for a while after they wake up.

This morning I went in to get them for breakfast and Avery was laying on the bed and Evelyn was sitting next to her. Evelyn said “That’s her tempature and she’s has a feva!” They like to play doctor, babies, family, anything they can think of I suppose.

Right now Evelyn really likes jumping, singing, háztartásikeks (they’re kind of like sweet crackers), cucumbers, dresses, buttons, movies, sesame street, playing outside, cornflakes (which she calls fonecakes), and playgrounds.

And, I almost forgot! Evelyn is potty trained! I’ve been scared to say anything anywhere because I’m just sure I’ll jinx myself, but I think it’s safe now. We put her in underpants a month or six weeks ago and we had accidents for a couple days, but after 2 days or so she realized that she could control when she peed and a week or two later she figured out how to get up on the seat and down by herself and started going on her own when she needed to. She was crazy easy to potty train and I pretty much couldn’t even believe it I was so happy, because Avery was so much more difficult with this.

We still have accidents occasionally and I’m careful to remind her to sit on the potty before we go anywhere, but I think she’s doing great! She’s dry sometimes at night too!

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Evelyn – 26 months

Again, sorry no picture this month. Evelyn’s speech is really improving lately. She has started saying more and more complex sentences. Tonight at bedtime she said “Avery sing lullaby to me and Avery too!” She’s also started stuttering, which I find really strange. About a week ago she suddenly started saying the beginnings of all her words 3 or 4 times every once in a while and now half her sentences begin 6 or 7 times. Avery did this too for a little while, so I don’t think it’s a problem, but it sure can be frustrating sitting there for 10 seconds while she gets going!

We found Strawberry Shortcake on youtube not too long ago and Avery started saying things smell like strawberry shortcake. Now everything smells like strawberry shortcake to Evelyn. She says “smells … stobbyshotecake!” She also still says “gesso” and I think my favorite time that it comes up is after she’s had a complete meltdown of some sort (she’s doing more of those lately too) and finally we get her calmed down a little and ask her if she wants dinner or something and she says between post-sob gasps for air, “yah, gesso.”

Evelyn loves the pool! We had our first swimming experience this month with some friends and Evelyn loved it. It was some of the hardest crying I’ve seen from her in a while when we had to get out. She wasn’t interested in the floaties and only wanted in if I would hold her, but when I held her and twirled her around in circles in the water she giggled and giggled. I think she’s going to love her Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

She also likes kiddie pools and fountains. It’s been really hot here the last few weeks, so we’ve done a lot of water activities. There’s a fountain downtown in Budapest that’s ground level so it’s easy to play in. It’s just a square of jets that shoot up into the air and it’s all flat with the ground so you can run through it. When it senses weight near it, sections stop shooting water, so you can actually walk through it dry, but the kids aren’t heavy enough to register most of the time, so they can play in the water too. It took Evelyn a little bit of time to trust the giant water walls, but after a while she had a good time.

Right now Evelyn loves to wear dresses and do anything Avery wants to do. Her favorite food is any kind of fruit. She goes crazy for fruit. She really likes baths and bubbles and nursery at church.  She loves to paint too. She’s wearing size 2T clothes, but a lot of the pants are still too long for her. She’s kind of a little Hungarian girl. She loves sour cream and túró rúdi (the favorite Hungarian treat) and cucumbers.

Evelyn has always been a good little helper. She gets diapers for me and she’s really good at cleaning up her toys. Probably better than Avery actually. She and Avery help me with the laundry and they both like to set the table. Sometimes we have creative table art with bowls and cups when they help.

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Happy Birthday to little Evelyn! We decided to go to the zoo again this year for Evelyn’s Birthday, so she kind of got two days worth of Birthday. Monday we went to the zoo and Tuesday we had cake and presents.

The zoo was a complete hit for both kids. Evelyn was much more excited about it this year, but she did fall asleep in the stroller again. That was good though, since we spent about 7 hours there and she needed a nap in the middle.

Evelyn was our navigator. She works best when the map is upside down. 


The leopard was one of her favorites. She asked to go back and see it at the end.

The zoo here has a goat petting cage and this time of year they have lots of little baby goats. Ivan even found one with it’s umbilical cord still attached!

Evelyn had mixed feelings about the goats. She liked them and declared one or two of them “mine baby goat!” but anytime they got too close she got nervous. And nibbling Mommy’s and Daddy’s fingers was right out. One of them got my finger in it’s mouth and she made little panicky noises and yanked at my hand until I pulled it out saying “hurt you, hurt you” and then pulled my hand up to her mouth to kiss my fingers better.

Tuesday we had cake and presents. I let Evelyn pick some Haribo candies to put on the cake and she and Avery helped put them on.

It’s nothing fancy, but the kids loved it. Avery wants gummy bears on her Birthday cake.

We had macaroni and cheese and hot dogs for dinner. I wasn’t sure Ivan was going to survive Evelyn’s favorite foods, but he ate a small bowl and then scrounged for some leftovers.

Then singing and presents. Evelyn managed to blow out both her candles this year. Such a big girl! She was funny opening her presents. Of course, Avery had to help, and it took about two presents before Evelyn realized what was happening. After that, though, she was all focus!


Last night Ivan put Evelyn to bed and it took her a while to fall asleep. Just before she finally conked out we heard her little voice from her room singing “Happy Birthday to you!” I think it was a good day.

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Evelyn – 23 months

Evelyn is almost two. She will have a Birthday in a couple weeks and she has no idea what is about to hit her.  It seems like two is the first Birthday that they really can get excited about and get an idea about what is going on, so I’m excited to see how Evelyn reacts to cake and presents.

Evelyn is my little echo. A lot of the time she repeats what I say. It doesn’t matter who I’m talking to or what I’m talking about she’ll say as many words as she can catch and repeat in what I say. She usually gets the two most important words in each sentence, but sometimes she’ll say more. She’s starting to put phrases together. Today I asked her if she had a stinky diaper and she said “change it. Daddy” because Daddy had just changed her diaper.

She likes to pretend to be a baby lately too. I can’t tell for sure if she’s pretending or just copying Avery. She started making baby noises when I got her out of the bath about a month ago because Avery always makes little baby noises when I wrap her up in a towel and take her in the other room. Now she makes baby noises at other times too. Today I found her in her bed wrapping herself up in a blanket saying “baby” and making baby noises, so I think that counts as pretending.

Evelyn threw her first all out tantrum today. She’d thrown some good fits, but this was the first one that was biting, scratching, and I couldn’t get her to calm down for anything. She’s been pretty tired lately because her naps have tended to take place in strollers the last week and she’s refused to go to bed before 9 or so or stay asleep past 6:30. So I held her on my lap and held her arms and legs while she thrashed until she decided she was done and then we went and read a book. Terrible twos, here we come!

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Evelyn – 22 months

This is picture is how I seem to always see Evelyn: a blur. She is everywhere and never sits still.

Little Evelyn is growing. She’s nearly out of her 18 month clothes and we left most of them at Grandma’s when we came back to Budapest. She’s still in the left over 18 month clothes we have here for another few weeks until the weather gets warm enough to pull out the Spring and Summer 2T clothes, but her little belly sure is bulging in her just barely big enough onesies.

Speaking of bellies, Evelyn’s has had an eventful month. I swear around a month ago she lost her little belly to a growth spurt. I looked at her one day and thought to myself, “Where did her pot belly go?” She all of a sudden slimmed down and grew up I guess. But never fear, she went through a week or so of nonstop eating a little bit ago and the belly is definitely back. Along with some chubby cheeks. Even my Hungarian friend here mentioned she looked chubbier.

Our biggest struggle with this girl is still food. She ate a couple pieces of cauliflower today and I nearly fell off my chair I was so surprised. And the only reason she ate them was because she saw Avery open her mouth big and wide and stick a piece in and then we clapped for her. She’ll do anything Avery does. Pretty much.

She is definitely getting more strong willed, though, and our days of cute, obedient and entertaining toddler are quickly morphing into “Here is how my world works, deal or I tantrum” two year old. Today we had a full on fit over water. I’m not exactly sure what her problem was, but she didn’t want the sippy cup and when I poured water into a regular cup she said “Mommy drink it.” Then she would be mad again. I think maybe she wanted my cup? But I never did figure it out for sure.

Evelyn is getting really good with language. She can usually communicate to me what she wants and if she can’t I just take her hand and let her show me what she wants. She put four words together today, which might be a record. I think she did it once last week as well. Today she said “Avy egg hut too.” Which I think meant “Avery’s leg hurts too.” She had just told me that her leg hurt and I guess she wanted Avery to share her experience. It’s a little sad to see her baby words go as she learns to say things properly. One word I was particularly sad to see leave was “yayo” for “water”. She now says “wa – oh.” I thought “yayo” was so cute. She also said “applesauce” right the other day, but I told her she had to keep saying “asso soss” and she corrected herself so it was okay.

Evelyn has three three-syllable words that she uses and I think they’re hilarious because they’re the same word but with different consonants thrown in. They are “applesauce, racquetball, and pinecone.” Oh, and she said “Africa” once too, but only once. “Applesauce” is “assuh soss.”  Racquetball is “abbuh ba.” And “pinecone” is “accuh cone.”  “Africa was… you guessed it “accuh cuh.” He favorite was “abbuh ball.” She would find my brother’s racquetball racket and run around with it saying “abbuh ba. hit!”

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We saw the doctor twice between the surgery and coming back to Budapest and both times she said Avery’s eyes look really good. It was really amazing the day after the surgery to see her little eyes looking in the same direction and following each other as she moved and looked at things. It was almost like magic. I guess I hadn’t realized how out of sync her eyes had been before. She had also had a patch on most of the day for about a month prior to the surgery so part of it was probably just seeing both her eyes at the same time, but it was really marvelous.

Anyway, at the first checkup the doctor told us that her eyes were doing really well, but we would need to patch her right eye some of the day so that her brain would learn to use her left eye, but that her eyes needed to learn to work together, too, so we should patch all day like we had been doing. She said 4 to 6 hours should be good. Avery was pretty excited to only have to wear a patch for part of the day and we did that for about a month before we had our second follow up visit.

At the second visit, the doctor said she still looked really good and we could move it back even more to just 2 to 4 hours per day and that she should be fine with that, although we would probably have to continue patching until she was five or six to get her left eye working as well as it could. She said to follow up with our opthalmologist here in Budapest in four months, which will be right around the first of July and to come see her in a year when we get back or if we’re ever in town again.  We also got Avery a cute cloth patch with flowers on it that can go on her glasses so we don’t have to keep buying the adhesive kind.

We really liked our doctor there, and if anyone in the Plano/Dallas area needs a pediatric opthalmologist, we were really happy with Dr. Dao. I even took Evelyn in to have her eyes checked to make sure her eyes weren’t really different the way Avery’s were. Since we couldn’t tell until Avery was nearly 3, and if you catch her problem early it’s much easier to fix, I figured it would be a good idea to get Evelyn in. Dr. Dao says her eyes are fine. Whew!

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