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Family Picture

Since we’re really bad about taking family pictures and getting them to people, here’s a picture we had a friend take on Sunday. It happened to have all three of us in it, so I’m posting it for all of you who like such things. Sorry it’s so casual.


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Santa’s cookies huh? Avery has something to say about that… We used socks for stockings this year because we didn’t have any cute red fluffy stockings and I haven’t seen any here in Hungary. Santa filled them all the same.

Avery got mostly books.

And oranges.

Mommy and Daddy got chocolate.

More cute pictures:

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A New Girlfriend for Ivan

bookshell-proWe have a new addition to our family. Due to our impending move, we decided a laptop would be a more reasonable alternative to our beautiful, but large (sniff sniff) imac. So, Ivan found a lovely Macbook Pro on Craig’s List and we purchased it today. Ivan was excited to say the least, but I think he nearly cried when he saw that the previous owner had covered it in a black protective cover. Ivan and I both really like black and we thought about getting a black macbook when we bought our current computer, but we decided on a desktop instead and they were charging an extra $100 just to get the computer in black. Both of our sensibilities were offended by this blatant scheme to make money off of appearances, but I’m not gonna lie, we were both pretty tempted, $100 and all. So… we are pretty happy with the new baby so far, and it even came with a couple of movies from the guy who had it last.

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malta-polarIvan’s rebellious streak is in full swing lately and his favorite rebellious habit is drinking pseudo-beer, more specifically, “non-alcoholic malt beverage.” He tried alcohol free beer once and nearly spewed it all back out all over Olive Garden, so he sticks with the imported malt beverages now. We finally decided (after a double blind taste test and complete with silly blindfolds and much switching between sips and sippers) that he likes Malta Polar the best because of its nuttier flavor. Oh wait, no, it was because it was the cheapest. In the end he couldn’t even tell the difference between the three we had. I could tell the difference between two of them, but I don’t like pseudo-beer, so that was rather irrelevant, except that it shows that I have better taste.

So, I sat down on the couch last night to watch “Get Smart” and Ivan plopped down next to me with a sigh and his “8 fluid ounces of pseudo-rebellion.”

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