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The Object of My Affections

Evelyn has recently started giving hugs. She grabbed a doll last night and gave it a nice big hug, which was really exciting to me because most of the objects of her affection have been beverage containers of some kind. I gave her a bottle with milk in it a couple nights ago and she carried it around in an affectionate embrace for a while. She refused to drink any of it, but it was well loved. After that it Avery’s sippy cup followed by a soda bottle. The soda bottle was hilarious because she was doing all sorts of acrobatics trying to crawl around the house while hugging this bottle that was almost as tall as she was. So I was a little relieved when she hugged something humanoid.


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Evelyn – 12 months

Evelyn had her first Birthday and we all had a good time. She’s finally growing and I’ve noticed some of her clothes are getting shorter and shorter so apparently she’s growing longer in addition to just gaining weight. She’s been a happier kid since we got her sicknesses cleared up and got her eating solid food better. She had a rough couple of months there.

At one year old Evelyn still doesn’t sleep through the night. We usually get 7 hours out of her or so at a time. She usually wakes up between 3 and 5 in the morning to eat. I think if we pushed this we could get her sleeping from 8 until 7 or so, but I haven’t gotten quite geared up enough to deal with the week or two of crying in the middle of the night it will take to get there. Hopefully soon.

She’s super close to walking. I think I’ve been saying this for about 3 months, but it’s for real this time. As of her Birthday she had still only taken accidental half steps, but today she took several deliberate ones and we were all pretty excited about it. She also has been really into putting things in boxes and taking them out. She grabs things out of toy boxes, jars, cabinets, even the laundry on chairs and couches and throws them on the floor. Then she goes and grabs two or three things and puts them back. Today she carefully put half of her cracker into the car seat we borrowed for Avery that was sitting on the floor.

She likes to babble and she’s been broadening her sound collection. She still loves “th” and says it the most but I’ve heard “b” and “f” and others from her lately too. No real words yet though.

She typically takes one nap in the early afternoon. If we’re traveling or walking around a lot she’ll take two shorter ones in a car or on public transportation, but at home she typically takes one. She usually sleeps for about two hours. She’s still a difficult sleeper though and keeping a schedule with her is still a struggle, with naptime, bedtime, and waking up in the morning. Last week she thought it was cool to be up every morning at 6:30. I was not thrilled.

Evelyn loves peak-a-boo. She plays it herself by putting her head down and then jerking it up to look you in the eye. She also loves yogurt and some days I have a hard time getting her to eat anything else. She likes peaches and raisins and being thrown in the air. She likes to chase Avery around and the two of them like to wrap the curtain around themselves when Evelyn is in her high chair. They hide in the curtain together and then giggle and giggle. It’s about the cutest thing ever.

Thanks to Arvid Carlson who took the picture this month. We went to some Roman ruins with the Carlsons and we left our camera in the car so the Carlsons shared their pictures.

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Evelyn’s 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday little Evelyn! My picky little eater wouldn’t really eat the cake. I had to shove a little bit in her mouth and then she thought it was alright to nibble, but not really to eat. She had a blast spreading frosting all over, but we drew the line when she decided to start throwing the cake over the side of the high chair onto the floor. At that point it was off to the bathtub!

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The Zoo

We went to the zoo for Evelyn’s Birthday. It was the day before Evelyn’s Birthday and I think Avery got more out of it, but Evelyn is always happy to be out of the house, so it worked for her Birthday too. At first Evelyn was totally fascinated by everything:

But eventually she woke up and discovered that her hat was actually more interesting than anything the zoo had to offer (puff balls on the ends of strings, I mean can polar bears compete with that?). But, like I said, we were outside and I picked her up occasionally, so life was good in Evelyn world.

Avery, on the other hand, was pretty excited about the zoo. She kept saying “Can we go see another one animals?” We were a little surprised at what she liked and what she didn’t. Sea lions were a hit, polar bears not so much. She really liked the turtles in the pond, but the flamingos were a little ho hum. There’s no telling with two year olds. She definitely didn’t, however, like the horse. He was a little too close for comfort and even today she was still calling him the “bad horse.”

She did like the goats that you were allowed to go pet. Especially the baby ones, but she still didn’t want to get too close.

There were some really cute baby goats cuddling together behind a wall to keep the people out. They were teeny tiny and pretty adorable.

And finally, this toucan let us get really close. A toddler tried to pet him though and got snapped at, so I got close enough to get a picture but not much closer. He was flying around free in the building with birds and fish.

It was a good day and we kept assuring Avery that she would wear out before we ran out of animals. In the end we were wrong. Sort of. We saw the half of the zoo we didn’t get to last time we went and then a little more and when closing time came Avery was still going strong. She was a pretty good little walker.

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It’s been a busy couple months and I haven’t really been blogging much so here’s a quick update. First of all, we’ve all been sick. I had a sick kid or was sick myself for literally over a month straight. We took Evelyn in a little over a week ago after having a fever of 104.5 (and that was under her arm) and got her on antibiotics for an ear infection and I think we’re all pretty healthy now. Unfortunately, while we were at the doctor and getting antibiotics for said ear infection the doctor got very concerned about how under weight Evelyn was and wanted me to take her to a gastroenterologist.

So I got really concerned and the doctor recommended I see a private one since the government run ones didn’t have an opening until June. But the private one didn’t take our insurance, which meant a lot of money from us, so I put it off and asked if I could try weaning her first since she’s extremely stubborn and won’t eat solid food unless I don’t nurse her. She said that would be alright but she HAD to gain weight in the next five days before our follow up appointment.

We went from 6 or so times nursing (she had been sick and nurses more when she’s sick) to 3 times nursing in a day over about 3 days (it was a little painful), and her solid food intake skyrocketed. Long story short, she still nurses morning, nap time and night, but she gained 350 grams (about three quarters of a pound) over that five days. She’s still under the weight curves, and the doctor still wants me to take her to a gastroenterologist, but I think I’m going to wait and see how she does. She’s been a lot less clingy since antibiotics and weaning and I think she’s doing alright for now. So that was a stressful week or so.

Ivan went to Seattle for a conference the end of March and had a blast. SAGE, a computer program for math being created by the University of Washington had a conference to get as many of the people that work on it together as they could. They have people from all over the world working on the project so they flew everyone that could come in to Washington and Ivan got to go. He had a lot of fun and even got an iPod Touch so that he could work on an iPhone app.

In miscellaneous news we started another batch of vanilla. It’s sitting in the pantry and should be about ready to use by now, but we haven’t tried it yet. We made strudel and are hoping it gets warm enough to do pickles soon. We had a low key pi day celebration with a square pie because I don’t have a round pie pan here. I’m pretty sure that’s blasphemous in some way, but it was the best I could do. We went and saw Budapest’s favorite church last week. Matyas Templom was pretty but we still like Szent Istvan’s Baszilika better. We’re hoping to go see the synagogue in the next several days. It’s the second biggest in the world.

The kids are doing well. Avery thinks she needs to get up with the sun every morning and usually comes into our room by 7:00 wanting to play or talk or cuddle. I usually send her back to bed if I can because she’s cranky cranky when she gets up that early. Evelyn is sleeping pretty well through the night. She goes to bed at 8:30 or so and gets up around 4:30 or 5:00 to eat. We’ve moved her back into our room, which is kind of nice. It was a pain having her in the living room.

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Avery – 34 months

My favorite new thing that Avery says: Ipod touch is “eyeball touch.” It kills me every time she says it. She also continues to say “aligator” for elevator.

Avery is loving the Spring. We got outside most days and she loves not being stuck in the house. Everyday she asks me “Where are we going?” I love Spring too, because it’s so much easier wandering through a city when you don’t have to worry if your two kids are cold. So we go out more which is good for everyone.

Avery loves our Hungarian neighbors. We live in a building with mostly older people and they love to give her little candies and chase her around the yard and point out birds to her. She soaks in the attention and runs and gives them hugs when we see them. There’s an apartment of students that has a friend of hers in it too, although they’re out less.

Lately she’s loved fencing with sticks and “saving the princess” when we go outside. If you haven’t seen the “swashbuckler” mormonad you should look it up on YouTube. It’s pretty cute and what she’s trying to reenact.

She’s getting big and I’m realizing as I switch to Summer clothes again that Avery is growing out of a lot of her 2T clothes. This shouldn’t be shocking, except that she’s always been so small that she’s never actually grown out of her clothes on time and wore a pair of 18 month jeans until just a few months ago. But either she’s catching up or the clothes are getting smaller because some of her pants are definitely high waters. I’m way excited because I have some really cute 3T clothes for the Summer and I was afraid they wouldn’t fit her until next year. Some of them probably won’t, but some of them will!

Avery is learning about time. Anything in the past happened “last week.” About the fit she threw when we left the park the day before yesterday: “Mommy, I cried at the park last week.” ¬†About the ear infection she got two weeks ago: “I got tylenol last week.” Or my favorite: “Daddy took a bath last week.”

If you ask her what time it is now, she always responds “forty eleven.” This evolved through a couple stages from it’s original form of “8 o’clock!” The future is “when I’m bigger” and “when I get older.” Her favorites are “When I get bigger I can hold babies!” and “When I get older I can have a cat!” She also thinks that as she gets bigger I’m going to get smaller. She said the other day that when she gets bigger and I get smaller so I’m little teeny tiny, we can get a cat. I’m not exactly sure where this idea came from. Okay, I have no idea where this idea came from, but it reminds me of when I was little and thought that clothes got smaller until they didn’t fit anymore instead of realizing that I grew until they didn’t fit me anymore.

She’s also gotten to be quite a chatterbox. We’re at the stage where she asks me something, I answer, she asks again, I answer again, she asks again and I lose patience and tell her quite forcefully that I just answered that question. She likes to participate in (or rather monopolize) conversations on any topic, especially ones on skype, where she baffles her uncles with paragraphs and paragraphs of highly technical toddler talk. She’s pretty amazing!

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Evelyn – 11 months

I know we’re nearly to Evelyn’s Birthday and at least half way through her eleventh month, but due to computer failures and illness, it’s been a good month since we’ve been in any kind of situation to allow for blogging. So here’s little Evelyn at 11 (and a half) months.

Evelyn learned to wave this month! She waves when I say “hi” and “bye.” Even when she’s sick. The poor kid waved to her uncles today when I said “hi” on skype without even looking up to see who or what she was waving to. She gets pretty excited with her hands when Daddy comes home though.

She’s also gotten more confident on her feet. She has spent a lot of time recently standing up, then bending at her knees so she can pick up a toy and then standing back up with the toy. She also likes to bounce and dance while she’s standing, which is pretty cute to watch. ¬†She cruises all over the place – along the couch, around tables, between chairs and people legs. She’s pretty good on her feet and she’s sort of taken a half step where she lifts her foot an inch and puts it back down, but they seem mostly accidental and we haven’t seen any walking yet.

Evelyn’s been sick a lot this month. It started with a nasty fever about a month ago that turned into a stomach bug and a cough and just about anything else you can think of. That went away after several days, and then last week she got a stomach bug again and threw up for about a day. That one only lasted for 24 hours or so, but last night she came down with another fever and she’s been pretty sickly today. I really hope that someday we can all be healthy for a month at least.

Evelyn also has a new tooth. Her top right tooth came in several weeks ago and I think she’s working on the left one now. I sort of suspect that might be what’s behind this recent fever, but it’s been a pretty high fever, so maybe it’s something else too. The first top tooth was pretty brutal coming in and she didn’t sleep for a week, so I’m hoping this one is a little better. We’ve been fans of baby tylenol lately.

We took her to the doctor this month (finally) for a checkup and she’s just under 7 kilos. I don’t know what that is in pounds exactly but she was about 16 pounds when I weighed her at a friend’s house around that time. She’s ridiculously under the growth charts for her age, which might have to do with her refusal to eat solid food, but I’ve tried my best and I don’t know what else to do to get her weight up, so I guess she’ll just have to be small. I just started dressing her in her 9 month clothes this week. The doctor said to feed her vegetables and protein, which of course she won’t eat.

Which brings us to the solid food topic. Evelyn has four favorite foods: peaches, bread, yogurt and graham crackers. At least she’s not a total mutant. She will eat graham crackers. But macaroni and cheese was a no go. She really likes raisins, but she doesn’t eat them, she just gums them and spits them out. Any other food I put in her mouth comes right back out. I can get her to eat about three bites of something else by tricking her and feeding her three bites of peaches and then one bite of sweet potatoes, but after about three cycles she quits eating the peaches as well and refuses to eat anything, so I’ve kind of given up on that tactic. I hate the cranky hungry baby I have to deal with for the rest of the day because she wouldn’t eat her breakfast. Sometimes she will eat crackers.

So, we’ve had kind of a lot of cranky, hungry, tired Evelyn the last several weeks because she’s been sick and it’s becoming fairly clear that breast milk isn’t enough for her anymore, but she refuses to eat hardly anything else. But I have caught myself thinking “What a cute baby” a couple times on good days when she’s been willing to eat a lot of bread, so that’s good.

She seems to like going outside. She gets really excited when we leave the apartment and she likes to put rocks in her mouth. I push them away and she’s made this game out of it where she puts the rock in her mouth and I push it away so she just touches her mouth with the rock until I push it away again. She looks at me like “Aren’t you going to stop me?” while she does it too. Little stinker.

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