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Food Ideas

To everyone I know: What do you eat for breakfast? I’d particularly like to hear from my European friends because a lot of the American foods are pretty expensive here. We usually eat cornflakes or sometimes kifli, but I’m getting a little bored and am looking for new ideas. Lunch and dinner ideas are also appreciated. Maybe I should have asked “What do you eat in a day?”

Note: Please feel free to comment on facebook for those of you who read on facebook, but I would like to put the facebook comments on the blog so that I can have them all in one place. If you’d rather I not do this to your comment, that’s fine, just say so in the comment and I’ll remember it another way.


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I went to Culinaris the other day. Culinaris is a store here in Budapest that carries foreign foods and is known to have some typical American favorites: Macaroni and cheese, evaporated milk, chocolate chips, breakfast cereals. So I decided to check it out with a friend on Tuesday.
It was kind of fun, but I won’t be shopping there much. A bottle of Hellman’s mayonaise was the equivalent of $8. Poptarts for $6, peanut butter m&ms for $1.50 a small bag. The worst part: 1 12 oz. bag of Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chips – $10. ouch. I thought my $4 of chopped up chocolate bars was expensive!

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