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A New Girlfriend for Ivan

bookshell-proWe have a new addition to our family. Due to our impending move, we decided a laptop would be a more reasonable alternative to our beautiful, but large (sniff sniff) imac. So, Ivan found a lovely Macbook Pro on Craig’s List and we purchased it today. Ivan was excited to say the least, but I think he nearly cried when he saw that the previous owner had covered it in a black protective cover. Ivan and I both really like black and we thought about getting a black macbook when we bought our current computer, but we decided on a desktop instead and they were charging an extra $100 just to get the computer in black. Both of our sensibilities were offended by this blatant scheme to make money off of appearances, but I’m not gonna lie, we were both pretty tempted, $100 and all. So… we are pretty happy with the new baby so far, and it even came with a couple of movies from the guy who had it last.


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Our First Dress-up

dressupAvery found her unfolded clothes on the couch the other day and pulled them all down onto the floor. In the pile was a pair of pajamas with glittery fairies on it and she tried for a while to pick the glitter off. Then she brought the pajamas over to me and held them out to me like I was supposed to do something with them. I couldn’t figure out what she wanted until she started putting her hands into the arms of the pajamas. Pretty soon she had her onesie that I had dressed her in that morning on, covered by a pair of pajamas half on and another onesie around her neck. To top it all off she grabbed a couple more articles of clothing to carry around with her in her hands. It was so funny to watch her toddle around the livingroom in three layers of baby clothes.

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