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We have really good home teachers. They’re good at including Avery in their lessons and this week they talked about temples and brought us a picture of the temple for Avery so that we could have a picture of the temple in our home. It was perfect because I have this picture frame with broken glass that I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with. I didn’t want to put a nice picture in it because it didn’t have the protective glass, but all my frames have been just sitting there for almost a year because I haven’t gotten pictures to go in them. So I put the printed picture in there and it was the perfect size and everything. We even had a nail in Avery’s room all ready nailed in and it made me smile every time I walked by it for about two days. It’s the Freiberg temple, which is our temple right now, and where our home teacher got married.


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My year of taking a picture every day is done. Overall I think I did alright. I only ended up with 225 pictures instead of 365, but considering I had a baby and moved three times in that year, I’m okay with that. I picked my ten favorites. Since I took a lot of pictures of the kids, they’re divided into two sets: my favorite 5 kid photos, and my favorite 5 other photos. They’re in chronological order. I hope.


End of the Trail Statue


Summer Peach


Budapest Chain Bridge


Winter Activities - Colored Pencil Shavings


Salzburg Christmas Market Ornaments



Avery's Cowboy Hat


We Love The Beach!


Blessing Day




Happy Girls

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