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On Saturday we went with some friends to feed some bears. There’s a park about an hour out of Budapest that has several older bears. Apparently they’re bears that worked in circuses or similar things so they’re quite tame and they all live in a fenced in part of this park.Apparently they’re sick of the honey you can buy at the park, because they wouldn’t touch ours. We had a little more success with apples. We saw other people feeding them their own honey from home with more luck, and someone even had something that looked like marinara sauce that one bear was sucking down, but mostly they had rather poor appetites. It was a little disappointing.I think the bees may have eaten more honey that the bears. There were bees everywhere.This bear woke up just for us. After trying to feed him honey and banana, we discovered on accident (read, our friends’ toddler had a spill) that he really liked peanut flavored bio balls (they’re like cheese puffs, only not as bad for you). So we started throwing those in for him to eat and he came right up to us. We could have touched him through the fence had we dared.

Avery had a good time on the model train they had set up too.

It was a nice day, even if the bears weren’t hungry. It was cloudy, but the weather was nice and we ate lunch together and bought some candy. We played trivial pursuit on the train. Ivan won… grrr. We had fun.


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Avery’s antics

Avery has quite the little imagination.  Ivan is still Grandpa Steve, although not as often as he used to be. Pooh is still “Daddy” and dolly is still “Baby.” I am fairly regularly “Dory.” Today in church I left with Evelyn to because she was fussy and heard “Where Dory goin'” on the way out.

Today at prayer time Avery had her baby say the prayer. She folded baby’s arms and then prompted her to say “Fadder, Thank you day, Bless Daddy come home. Name Jesus Christ, Amen!” She even paused for a minute before the “Amen” so that baby could say it on her own. Then she picked up baby, turned her around and said “Good job, baby!” and gave her a hug.

Today her little family needed to go for a walk. Here’s what it looked like:

She’s feeding “daddy.” She picks up “food” and gives it to whoever happens to be available. Ivan helped her strap the stuffed animals in and she pushed them down the hall and back. It was a good walk.

Her other favorite thing the last few days has been the computer that Ivan made her out of some paper and a cardboard box. She “types” on it and skypes Grandma. She goes to “check Grandma a line” (check if Grandma’s online) and then has conversations with her Aunts and Uncles.

“Hi Gramma! Cair Bear there? What Cair Bear? Why?”

All this to a piece of paper stuck to some cardboard. It’s the most hilarious thing. The other day she got so engrossed that she fell off her stool and we spent five minutes calming her down.


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Evelyn – 6 months

Six whole months! Evelyn has seen Summer and Fall and is heading into her very first Winter. Coats and long sleeves and heavy blankets are in order and I’m way excited because a friend of mine just gave me the cutest coat for her. I’ll have to take a picture when it gets really cold.

Evelyn decided it was time to take on the world this month and learned to scoot. Gone are the days when she was happiest on her back. She now rolls herself onto her stomach anytime I put her down and pushes off toward the nearest toy (or fuzzball, basket, shoe, chair leg, blanket, trash can… you get the idea). She can really go and she reminds me sometimes of an inch worm, only a little less dramatic.

She has also become very, very, VERY grabby. She becomes mini contortion baby in her wrap anytime I sit down because she’s twisted herself in half trying to get at the hand bar in the metro, or the seat next to me in a restaurant. Her legs will be pinned to my front while her arms are clear out to my left. It makes sitting a little awkward. Dinners have also become a challenge, as she spends most of them on my lap (or screaming) and I spend as much time keeping her little fingers out of my food as I do getting my food into my mouth. Here’s the screaming:

She wiggles always. She’s so curious, she’s always grabbing at something or twisting to look at something and I almost can’t hold her in my lap anymore because she wiggles right off of it. I’m constantly adjusting to keep her little self from falling off. I recently figured out how to wrap her onto my back and that has helped with the wiggles some. She likes it and I don’t feel like I’m holding a Mexican jumping bean. The only drawback is that her grabbiness and my hair are a bad combination.

Evelyn’s growing and is a little more laid back than Avery was. She likes to be held upside down – she’ll always give a smile – but she doesn’t like being thrown around like Avery used to. We recently managed to get her trained so that she only wakes up once in the night, usually around 4:00. That’s been a blessing, but she still won’t take reliable naps. Some days she still only takes two or three half hour naps here and there and is totally worn out and cranky by afternoon. Other days she’ll manage to stay asleep for an hour and a half in there somewhere. She actually seems to sleep best during the day when we’re on the go and she’s in the sleepywrap for a good part of the day.

We’ve started being a little more regular with cereal the last couple weeks.  Of course “regular” means I’m really good two or three days in a row and then it takes me two or three more to get back to it, but she seems to like the cereal. She gets very intent and kicks and kicks and grins until the spoon gets to her mouth and then her whole body goes still as she tries to figure out what the heck this new sensation in her mouth is. It’s quite dramatic and really funny to watch. You can see her fascination in her eyes. Unfortunately, I think the rice cereal might be giving her diaper rash. I haven’t been able to tell for sure, but we may have to find something else to start her on. She still doesn’t eat a whole lot of the cereal and I haven’t managed to get her worked up to where I feel like we are even substituting a full feeding with cereal. It will come though.

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A blog about a blog about a blog

A friend of mine recently referred to this blog on her blog and so I looked it up and found it really interesting and am now going to post it on my blog. It’s a bloggy world.

Here’s my disclaimer. I realize that saying, suggesting, referring to, implying, referencing, hinting at, considering, reflecting upon, or even entertaining thoughts about anything homosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or even heterosexual with reference to any of the previously mentioned topics is about the best way to incite rational and hate filled comments. I personally think this is extremely annoying.

This blog is about a gay man. I like that. This blog is about a religious man. I like that even more. You can like that if you want. I don’t particularly want to hear about it.

This is the blog: http://gaymormonguy.blogspot.com/

This is the post my friend talked about: http://gaymormonguy.blogspot.com/2010/10/president-packers-talk-from-gay-mormon.html

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Avery has a doll and a stuffed Pooh bear that she likes to have say the prayer too.  Often Avery will call the dolly “Baby”, and Pooh “Daddy”.  When she does this she has started calling me (since I’m Daddy and my name has been usurped by a stuffed toy) Grandpa Steve.Avery and some of her favorite things: doll, Pooh and a book

Avery has become quite demanding about saying prayers.  It’s always her turn, which usually means that we tell her what to say, and then she repeats it.  The other night she wanted the baby (her doll) to say the prayer, and she commenced to say it herself with no prompting from us.  She thanked “Fadder” for the day, nursery, some of her friends, Mommy, Daddy and Grandpa Steve.  I was just glad that I got included.

She also spelled out her first word tonight.  She spelled “m-i-l-k milk!” in a baby book (she has the words memorized from the pictures).  I was really proud until she spelled the next word “h-i-j-k-m-o-p apple!”

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Avery – 28 months

Avery loves to pretend. She’s taken to being the characters in her favorite movies lately. She assigns herself Nemo and I usually get to be Dory. Sometimes Daddy and Evelyn get to play too. She tells detailed stories from the movies about how the characters were feeling and what happened and what they said. It’s one of the most adorable things to see her get going on a story and talk talk talk with her little two year old voice and pronunciation.
She is also learning family roles. Everything is a Mommy, Daddy or baby. We went to the store a while ago and found a tank of live fish. We stuck her in front of it to entertain her for a few minutes while Ivan ran around getting things on the list and soon every fish was either a Mommy, Daddy or baby fish. Her cars are Daddy cars, and sometimes the babies are “Evelyn.”
We went to the Tropicarium last week (it’s kind of a smaller inside version of a zoo mixed with an aquarium) and Avery LOVED it. We went to see them feed the sharks and she was so excited about the “man in bendy slippers” that fed the “whales.” We never did get her to concede that they were sharks. She also really liked the marmosets. To her they were monkeys. We also saw snakes, spiders, lizards, guinea pigs, birds and lots of fish.
Avery loves playgroup and rhyme time. She loves to get out of the house and explore the world. She likes nursery and the park too. She has started making friends here and we hear about her friends a lot. She also likes her Daddy to read her stories. Most nights she chooses Daddy to put her to bed. She’s learning to count in English and Hungarian and can get to ten in either language, although she’s more consistent in Hungarian I think. She also knows the sign for W and can point out an A, L, E, and O. Sometimes she gets other letters too.

Cute things Avery says:

Banaweena: ballerina

Oh hank you!: oh thank you!

fickits: fix it

clocklick: chocolate

wadaMAWden: watermelon

so pitty: so pretty

If you ask she’ll tell you all about her “brown curly hair” and brown eyes and how Daddy has blue eyes and Mommy has brown “traits” (straight) hair.

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