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Santa’s cookies huh? Avery has something to say about that… We used socks for stockings this year because we didn’t have any cute red fluffy stockings and I haven’t seen any here in Hungary. Santa filled them all the same.

Avery got mostly books.

And oranges.

Mommy and Daddy got chocolate.

More cute pictures:


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Budapest has a Christmas market every year in Vörösmarty Tér. Recently Budapest made the areas around Vörösmarty Tér a pedestrian zone so we walked down a couple really nice streets of high end shopping district to get the the square crammed with Christmas stands. There were about three or four rows of stands set up with enough space between them for about two to three people to stand shoulder to shoulder. We got there around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and it wasn’t too crowded but by 4:00 or so our two strollers were becoming a public nuisance.

Budapest’s Market is a good one to go to (many of the cities in Europe have them) because they work pretty hard to keep the booths selling only traditional and hand made crafty things. There were all sorts of things there from cow bells to hand bound books to felt slippers and hair clips to wood puzzles, bowls and goblets. We got a hand bound journal for the new baby and a beaded ornament of the old Hungarian flag.

Thanks to Nephi and Melinda for all the pictures on this post as we forgot our camera.

There were several nativity scenes around the square

A traditional Hungarian treat for festival times is kürtőskalács. They’re a bread dough wrapped around a dowel about 3 inches across and then turned over coals kind of like meat on a spit or something to cook them. Then they put vanilla sugar, nuts, cinnamon, coconut, or cocoa powder on the outside and sell them hot. They’re super good, but I’d recommend having someone to share them with. They’re huge. Ivan and I shared one with Avery and it was plenty big enough for all three of us. We got coconut and it was delicious. The people we were with got vanilla sugar and it was alright, but I liked the coconut better.

And then there was the dog with dreadlocks:

I’m not even sure the picture does him justice. I didn’t believe he was real. I thought the owner was holding onto a leash for effect or something and then the dog moved and I still almost didn’t believe it. Apparently this is a traditional Hungarian grown kind of sheep dog. There are two breeds, the best known is the Komondor, and it looks just like the dog has dreadlocks. Wikipedia has more if you’re interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Komondor

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