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I must say that when I wrote about the snowmen I did not expect them to last nearly this long. But I think they are finally dead, or will be tomorrow. Here is all that remains:
Snowman carcass

Don’t worry Rachel. I still love you, and I wrote you a poem (of sorts). I think it might even be chiastic (if you squint).

Avery’s Mom (and soon someone else’s)


Oxytocin inducing

Peerless among women



Sweet (and Steadfast)


Significant other (mine)

Maybe I should stick to Maths.


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Family Picture

Since we’re really bad about taking family pictures and getting them to people, here’s a picture we had a friend take on Sunday. It happened to have all three of us in it, so I’m posting it for all of you who like such things. Sorry it’s so casual.

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Santa’s cookies huh? Avery has something to say about that… We used socks for stockings this year because we didn’t have any cute red fluffy stockings and I haven’t seen any here in Hungary. Santa filled them all the same.

Avery got mostly books.

And oranges.

Mommy and Daddy got chocolate.

More cute pictures:

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