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Avery is almost three and she will tell you all about it if you ask. If you ask about her Birthday she will tell you it’s in June, and she frequently tells me  “When I get three, I can have my Birthday!” Evelyn’s Birthday got her pretty excited, but she was excited before that too.

She loved Easter. We went to a really old church here in Budapest shortly before Easter and in the entryway was a large crucifix. She was staring at it, so I told her that Jesus had died for us. She talked about that for a few days and it was a nice prelude into Easter because on Easter we talked about how Jesus died for us and then he lived again. I told her that was exciting, and it’s funny how that’s enough to make little kids excited, because she was excited about it and we’re still hearing “Jesus died for us” and “And then he lived again!” every couple days. It was amazing to me how receptive she was to that. It’s kind of funny to randomly hear “Jesus died for us!” in the middle of doing a puzzle or eating, or whatever, too.

Of course she loved the Easter bunny and we had an egg hunt, and then we had to hide eggs for Daddy and Mark to find. Mark is our friend living in Austria who came to visit. He’s the person behind her in the picture. She loved Mark too and pestered him for three good days.

Right now Avery’s favorite things are ice cream, parks, movies, songs, noodles, macaroni and cheese, pickles, dresses, ballerinas, dandelions, watering her flowers, ponytails and bugging her sister. We have a special playlist for her on iTunes and she comes up to Ivan and says “Daddy, can I have some songs?” which means she wants her playlist played.

The last month or so we’ve decided to try potty training again. This is attempt number three (sort of, the first one wasn’t much of an attempt), and I think it’s sticking this time. It’s certainly been easier this time. She wears training pants most days that we’re home and not running errands and she still typically has one accident per day, but they’re little ones (meaning she forgets until she starts peeing and then runs to the toilet and finishes there). Yesterday we let her graduate to regular underwear mostly because I had run out of training pants, but also because she seems about ready. She was pretty excited because the regular underwear have butterflies on them. She still wears a diaper if we leave the house for more than 15 minutes or so and at bedtime. So yay! for some progress, finally!


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The main cupola at Szent István

The post I originally tried to write today ended up too whiny and pretentious even for me, so instead you get a few pictures of what I did instead of watching conference. They actually turned out much better than I expected.

The cupola above the alter at Szent István

I went to Ünnepi Szentmise (high mass) at Szent István Bazilika. It was quite interesting despite the fact that I understood about 3 words: Jesus Christ, Peter and “he said”. I’d only been to mass once, and never to a holiday mass. It was a valuable experience for me and I think everyone should go, at least if you are from a western christian background. It wasn’t all beer and skittles though. For one thing there was no place for me to sit (since I was a tourist) and you wouldn’t believe what standing for an hour and a half does to a man my age.

The alter of Szent István Bazilika

In some ways I think I learned more by going to mass then I would have watching conference simply because it was so different. Here are a few things that the Mormon church could learn from Catholics with regards to Easter worship (in no particular order).

  • Have a special program. It should be a big deal. General Conference doesn’t count considering it has nothing to do with Easter.
  • More symbolic ritualistic clothing. A dark suit and tie is rather boring.
  • Handel’s Messiah. I felt a real sense of majesty and of Christ as Conqueror something I had never really contemplated before—this also had to do with the church itself.
  • Better decorations in case you get bored and have to stare at the ceiling fans.
  • Incense. The symbolism is rich and beautiful.
  • Call and Response-especially Gregorian style. It sounds neat and gets people involved. This one could be for more than just Easter.
  • One hour. Especially in today’s short attention span society 10 hours is just two much. Particularly for those who only come once a year. :)

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