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We saw the doctor twice between the surgery and coming back to Budapest and both times she said Avery’s eyes look really good. It was really amazing the day after the surgery to see her little eyes looking in the same direction and following each other as she moved and looked at things. It was almost like magic. I guess I hadn’t realized how out of sync her eyes had been before. She had also had a patch on most of the day for about a month prior to the surgery so part of it was probably just seeing both her eyes at the same time, but it was really marvelous.

Anyway, at the first checkup the doctor told us that her eyes were doing really well, but we would need to patch her right eye some of the day so that her brain would learn to use her left eye, but that her eyes needed to learn to work together, too, so we should patch all day like we had been doing. She said 4 to 6 hours should be good. Avery was pretty excited to only have to wear a patch for part of the day and we did that for about a month before we had our second follow up visit.

At the second visit, the doctor said she still looked really good and we could move it back even more to just 2 to 4 hours per day and that she should be fine with that, although we would probably have to continue patching until she was five or six to get her left eye working as well as it could. She said to follow up with our opthalmologist here in Budapest in four months, which will be right around the first of July and to come see her in a year when we get back or if we’re ever in town again.¬† We also got Avery a cute cloth patch with flowers on it that can go on her glasses so we don’t have to keep buying the adhesive kind.

We really liked our doctor there, and if anyone in the Plano/Dallas area needs a pediatric opthalmologist, we were really happy with Dr. Dao. I even took Evelyn in to have her eyes checked to make sure her eyes weren’t really different the way Avery’s were. Since we couldn’t tell until Avery was nearly 3, and if you catch her problem early it’s much easier to fix, I figured it would be a good idea to get Evelyn in. Dr. Dao says her eyes are fine. Whew!


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The other day we were playing outside and the older lady that lives downstairs was outside raking leaves and grass. She bent over for something and Avery looked over at her and said “Ladies really do have bums!” Sometimes it’s REALLY a blessing to live in a place where most people don’t speak your language. I think that is still topped by the time she looked at a bearded homeless looking man on the tram and asked if he was Jesus. That was last Summer.

Avery loves to dress up. A friend of hers, Amy, lent her a white dress up dress a couple weeks ago and she’s referred to it as her “wedding dress” every since. She’s very into weddings. She says “When I get older, I can have my wedding!” I think this was begun by the movie Monsters vs. Aliens, which begins with a wedding and may have been brought back to her attention by our recent acquisition of Shrek 2, which also begins with wedding scenes.

She likes being a princess as well, and sometimes refers to her friends as her princesses. She asks when she will see her “princess Stephanie” and if her “princess Amy” will be at church. There’s been a recent addition of a little girl names “Princess Kenna” as well. All this dress up and girl-ness is a little baffling to me I’ve gotta say. I was always a tomboy and remember being sooooo bored with Barbies. But she hasn’t gotten totally into the princes yet, so I’m trying to stay calm.

Her favorite things right now are her friends, getting out of the house, going to see the fountain, peaches, berries, macaroni cheese (as she calls it), hot dogs, movies, and she says her favorite color is dark purple. (I’m pretty sure she stole her favorite color from Princess Stephanie, but she’s stuck with it, so maybe she really likes it.)

Avery has a lazy eye. We started noticing it a few months ago and the doctor commented on it when I took Evelyn in at 14 months¬†and said we needed to get it looked at . Unfortunately, you can’t just take a child to an optometrists office in Hungary, you have to find an ophthalmologist if a child needs glasses. So we found one that didn’t speak English, but had an optometrist that could translate for us, made an appointment for a day when both would be working at the same time and took her in. Unfortunately, for a lazy eye you have to have a special pediatric specialist of some sort, so the doctor gave us two numbers to try. I’ve been trying the one for a week now and finally got an appointment for September 21st. So, after several months, we may actually get this worked out. I hope so, because I really don’t want the poor kid to see double her whole life or anything like that. The ophthalmologist said she would probably need glasses and treatment for the one eye that wanders. Sigh. It makes me sad to think of her cute little face with glasses.

So that’s our little Avery for the last several weeks. I had a list of funny things she says but can’t find it, so I’ll have to come up with another one I guess for next month.

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