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Note: I wrote this October 3rd and then shelved it for “a few days” until I could find a picture. Sorry, here it is a month late and still without a picture.


Avery likes animals, crafts, and playing outside. She also really likes her friends. Her latest favorite thing is “Wild Chronicles” a podcast by National Geographic that we downloaded a few years ago. It’s movie podcast and they’re short – usually 5-7 minutes or so and they tell about a different animal each time. She’s learned about dung beetles, lynxes and meercats.

Last week Avery wanted to be a sea turtle, so she found a box with both ends open and climbed inside for a shell. Ivan suggested she paint it, so now we have a very colorful sea turtle costume. She and Ivan have a whole game they play where Ivan tells Avery to swim and splash and then he catches her, measures her, and puts a little camera on her, just like in the “Wild Chronicles” show and release her back into the ocean so they can see what she does. Then he “hopes” she does interesting things like meet other turtles.

Avery also still really likes to read. This week she read three whole sentences. She read “SAM SAT ON A RAT,” “I HIT A CAT,” and “A MAN IS FAT.” I came up with the sentences myself and looking at them, I’m realizing I really came up with some, um, interesting things. I’m afraid my child may grow up a little warped. But! The point is she’s doing quite well I think with the reading and she really seems to enjoy it. She’s started trying to read signs while we’re out and around, which is hard since they’re all in Hungarian. She can also write her name almost all by herself now.

Avery and Evelyn have been really good friends lately. They like to pretend all sorts of things together and play dress up together. Today they had races on their little cars around the coffee table and giggled for 20 minutes or so. Avery is really nice to Evelyn (most of the time) and lets her pick which Sesame Street clips to watch next at bedtime. They’re getting pretty good at sharing, which is nice.


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