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Hazel – 4 Months

IMG_8440Our little Hazel is growing fast! She’s still a really happy, content baby. At her checkup she weighed 14 lb. 14.5 oz., and was 26.5 inches long. She’s 99th percentile for length and she shows it. We’ve started moving her into 6-9 month size clothes the last week or so because she’s so long. Luckily it’s getting cooler here because all our 6-9 month clothes are warmer.

She’s a happy baby and she’s learned to hold her head up, smile at us, hold on to toys and get them to her mouth and roll from her tummy to her back. We got her a play gym with dangling toys a month or so ago and she loves that. She swings at the toys and tries to pull them off the arches they hang from so she can stick them in her mouth. Her eyes are definitely blue now and she loves it when people talk to her. Her sisters are great for this and Avery in particular likes to sit next to her and talk to her and give her kisses.

Lately, it seems, she’s discovered her tongue. Especially after she’s eaten sometimes she sits and sucks on her tongue, her lips, her mouth, whatever she can suck on. It makes that funniest slurping noises and her tongue and lips stick out and the suck back into her mouth. Sometimes she gets her tongue folded on itself while she’s sucking it back into her mouth. It’s pretty hilarious to watch.


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