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Avery – 3 years, 6 months

The major event for Avery this month was my sister Linden’s wedding yesterday.  We drove for two days to get to LA and we spent a good bit of time in the car explaining the whole thing to Avery. It was hard to convince her that Aunt Linden was getting married, not her, but she was consoled by the fact that Linden was getting her and Evelyn little dresses to wear. We had two hilarious conversations about this wedding that were most memorable. The first one happened while we were still in Texas and I was wondering what the little girls’ dresses looked like. It went like this.

Avery: Am I getting married?

Me: No, Aunt Linden is getting married.

Avery: Aunt Linden is getting married?

Me: Yes, but she’s getting you a little dress for the wedding.

Avery: Is it my wedding dress?

Me: No, Linden is wearing a wedding dress. You’re going to wear a dress to the wedding, but it will probably be bronze or green, or maybe white.

Avery: Linden is going to wear a wedding dress?

Me: Yep.

Avery (very excited): Is it a white floaty dress?

Me: Um, I guess so.

Avery (very excited now): Can I wear a floaty dress?

She was VERY excited about the floaty dresses. The other one was in the car on our way to LA.

Avery: Am I going to wear a floaty dress at the wedding?

Me: Yes, I think so.

Avery: It’s gonna be my wedding.

Me: No, it’s Aunt Linden’s wedding.

Avery: In a lot of days it’s going to be my wedding. And Daddy will be my husband.

Me: No, I don’t think Daddy will be your husband.

Avery: Oh. (pause) Evelyn will be my husband?

Me: No, I don’t think Evelyn can be your husband. You have to find a boy to be your husband.

Avery: Oh. You have to help me find someone to be my husband.

So now it’s in writing, I have a record and I’m gonna hold her to it that I get to help her in the husband selection.

We took Avery to an eye doctor here. We didn’t get to see the eye doctor before we left Budapest because the glasses were so late getting to us, so my grandpa found one for us to see here. He said the glasses were the wrong prescription, her left eye should only be 7 diopters and her right should be 2. He also said she may need surgery to correct her left eye because she isn’t using it at all if the right eye isn’t patched. He told us to patch the right eye every day all day and find a doctor in Dallas to see in a month.

Apparently her glasses weren’t helping her much because the prescription was so much stronger than she needed and so her left eye hasn’t gotten a whole lot better. I wasn’t very good at making her wear the patch though either. Hopefully her left eye will start to get better now that we have better lenses and we’ll be patching her eye all day instead of only a few hours and maybe we can avoid surgery.

I have a picture of Avery in her little dress from the wedding, but no cord to connect the camera to the computer, so it will have to come later.


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Avery is learning about family relationships. She’s figuring out that her Grandma is my Mom and that Daddy and I are married. Because of this she often refers to us by these relationships. When she’s talking to me Evelyn is “my sister” or “your daughter” and they together are “your daughters.” She tells me “Look! Your daughters are sleeping!” instead of “Look! We’re sleeping!” She does it with Ivan and me as well. She asks me “Are we going to see your husband?” instead of “Are we going to see Daddy?” We’ve gotten some interesting looks from friends we’ve been with when she says in church “Look! Your daughters are holding hands!” She also pronounces “daughters” very distinctly like “Dot-ters” which only adds to the silliness.

Avery would rather be anywhere than home. She asks me everyday “Where are we going?” She’s in heaven the days we go to playgroup and then go home with a friend to play for a couple hours and if we don’t leave the house she gets cranky. She’s quite the social butterfly.

Things she says:

Hot E gos – Taquitos

Hatshi cakes – Háztartásikeks

Bekfrist – Breakfast

Mushtile – Mustache

On Wednesday she wanted to pet a kitty, but the kitty ran away so Ivan said “Here, pet me. I’ll be a kitty.” She said “No! You’re not a kitty! You’re nothing!”

I stretched out a towel so it would lay flat on a towel today and Ivan said “Woah! Mommy just man-handles it!” Avery’s response was a little angry: “Mom’s not a man! She’s a lady!” Apparently I lady-handle towels.

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