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Avery is all imagination lately. Most of her stories have something to do with animals, probably because of our trip to the zoo. She also really likes dragons. She and Evelyn love to hide in the closet while the police come and get the dragons and bad guys and put them in jail. Two of Evelyn’s favorite new words are “agon!” and “agguys!”

She tells me stories about what she would do if different things happen. Sometimes someone comes and wants to do something mean to her in her stories and she tells me “and I would just say ‘no!’ and then they would have to go away.” She’s quite influential in her stories.

She told me today that she saw a sea turtle at the zoo and sometimes in her stories the zoo keeper lets her take the animals places with her. And all animals live in coops. She saw the tiger coop and the monkey coop at the zoo. Apparently we had a talk about chicken coops before going to the zoo, because even while we were there she kept asking why we could go into the goat “coop” but not the llama “coop.”

Avery’s a smart little one and she loves to learn. She knows all her letters, although she still gets them confused sometimes and she knows what most of them sound like. She’s learned the first three Articles of Faith for church, and she likes to help Evelyn learn how to count. She says she wants to be a nursery leader when she grows up.

She’s very cuddly too. She still likes to climb into bed with me in the mornings after she gets up and before I’m awake. She likes to cuddle with Evelyn and when Evelyn is sad she runs to get her a stuffed animal to hug. We had to have a talk about how Evelyn doesn’t like to be touched and squished by hugs when she’s upset, so Avery came up with another solution in the stuffed animals.

Avery’s also my little translator for Evelyn. A lot of the time she understands Evelyn better than I do and tells me what she’s saying. Sometimes she’s wrong and sometimes she’s just silly, but it’s a little weird when Evelyn says something and Avery says “she wants water for her” and I realize she’s right. That’s what Evelyn said.


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